Murder Mystery


In Murder Mystery,  a new state-of-the-art technology has been developed. It can get you where no one else was able to enter before – The Dreamscape.

From countless test subjects, you have been chosen to enter the Dreamscape of the victim and solve his mysterious murder – discovering his identity, the date of his demise, and who exactly is behind his murder.


Agent 982, Agent 1100, Agent 2314…the list goes on. 313 agents have been lost in action since 1983, and that number couldn’t be ignored any longer.

The problem started with a number of top secret missions and a highly trained task force of special agents. These agents would be sent all over the world to infiltrate and eliminate various threats. Only the top agents were chosen for this task force, often handpicked from the best and brightest that the military and intelligence agencies had to offer. In the field, these agents needed to operate as ghosts, only having a weapon and their superior training to rely on. These people weren’t just agents – they were killing machines, sent into the darkest parts of the world and expected to return with nothing but success.

The first and most important rule in the military is to never underestimate your enemy, to be prepared for anything and everything. In order for these agents to win over the trust of the enemy…certain secrets need to be kept. Any form of tracking device or wire was forbidden, as it had a high risk of compromising the agent. So, they entered blind into enemy territory with complete autonomy – no communication, no briefings, no daily orders. As long as the mission was a success, they had the authority to do what was necessary.

These missions were indeed a success for many years. Multiple attacks on American soil were stopped, terrorists were swept off the radar, and best of all, the task force was able to keep these missions classified, with nothing raising suspicions publicly.

But then, in 1983, one of the agents was lost in action, with no facts known about his whereabouts or the status of his mission. Time passed, and although there was a thorough investigation, it was impossible to gather anything certain. It was the first case of many that brought shame to the task force. They operated swiftly, quickly and were deadly. From that first agent who got lost in action, though, things began to spiral out of control quickly.

Agents started disappearing in growing numbers. Top government and military officials became seriously worried about the future of all operations. Questions continued to go unanswered, and nothing more than the basic points of the mission were known. There was simply no information on how these agents kept vanishing as if they had never existed at all.

The breaking point came in 1990, when the disappearance of an agent reached the tabloids. The news spread like wildfire and soon, the entire country, and subsequently the world, was aware of the growing number of disappearances. Even worse, because of the lack of eyewitnesses in the scene, people started speculating. The enemy morphed from various countries to wild theories about aliens living among us. Things got out of hand, and it was time to do something if any reputation was to be salvaged.

The American government decided to assemble a team of top scientists to find a way to know what was happening to the agents. The press began to slowly lay off as the team worked tirelessly on an answer. Still, progress couldn’t happen overnight. The team spent years working on equipment that could help – something that would be a companion to the agent. With the enemy continuing to be one step ahead of the task force, the scientists needed to come up with a tool that the agents would not need to carry with them.

Finally, the scientists were able to make a true breakthrough – a new state-of-the-art technology called the Dreamscape Machine. This machine was able to access what nothing else could – the past of a selected subject. But it had its limitations – it only worked on deceased subjects, and it could only access the last 60 minutes of their life.

A few days ago, an unidentified body whose face and hands were damaged by some sort of acid was discovered. A private source confirmed that this was one of the missing agents.

The government considered it the perfect opportunity to test the Dreamscape Machine. The scientists began recruiting people in the military, but none of the recruits were able to successfully enter the Dreamscape.

The government then authorized the scientists to look for matches in civilians.

For undisclosed reasons, out of the entire nation – you have been chosen.



You need to enter the Dreamscape of the victim and discover the following facts: his identity, the date of his demise, and who is behind his murder.

All these facts need to be gathered and delivered in less than 60 minutes, or else your body will enter a coma and you’ll be stuck in the Dreamscape forever.

You have the chance to do something nobody has ever done before – the question is, can you do it?

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