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Learn more about Paranoia Quest by meeting our game masters.

Tanya James

is an aspiring actress of the silver screen, destined to be a household name… at least in the households who have met her.  She is bright and bubbly with an affinity for the fabulous. She has a short attention span when it comes to listening to her ‘smart people’ coworkers. Tanya works at Paranoia Quest so she can continue to pay her agent and many legal fees


escape the room

is the former director of a restricted government research facility, Paranoia Quest. After an oversight by his federal agency, he was locked inside of his research lab and was left alone for months. After finally being rescued, Chester emerged from his confinement a bit different. Afraid of more investigations and a large lawsuit, Chester remains on staff and can be seen meandering around the facility.


Ronald Schwarzenegger

escape the room atlanta

Ronald may not be as well known as his older brother, but that doesn’t mean he has smaller muscles! Ronald believes himself to be the better actor, politician and muscleman, but has yet to have to opportunity to prove it. To confirm that he has the acting chops of his brethren, he took on the most challenging role available to him, filming at your local escape game, Paranoia Quest!

Sammy Smooth

Room Escape

is the flyest guy this side of town. A local celebrity in his own mind. He has an obsession with the 70’s and still think it’s 1975. Sammy loves his appearance more than anything and stayed at paranoia quest once he realized there was a place to take pictures

Tony Maggiano-Goldberg

Escape Room Atlanta
Tony Maggiano-Goldberg
a Jewish Italian native of New York, was an aspiring bank robber in his day of 1926. While tunneling into the secret Federal Reserve safe located in the heart of Atlanta, he was surprised to learn that he had accidentally dug into the secret labs of the very first Paranoia research facility. Trapped and with no way out, Tony froze himself using one of the experimental cryogenic sleep pods located in the lab hopeful that someone would eventually find him. Nearly 90 years later, the eccentric and isolated Chester uncovered the frozen capsule thus freeing Tony from his state of suspended animation. Coerced into working for the newly founded Paranoia Quest. Tony now spends his days locking hopeful escapees into mind bending puzzle rooms while he slowly digs away at his old tunnel into the Reserve. Unfortunately, the only functional tools Tony has left after his 90 year hiatus are a metal spoon and a rusted lunchbox. Tony figures it will only take another 50 years until he can claim his prize and retire as a king—that is if doesn’t fall into another puzzle room on his way.

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Paranoia Quest – Escape the Room — is a parallel world that gives you the chance to live new and unique experiences, and test yourself in a radically new and exciting setting.

We are proud to be the first in Atlanta to create a fully immersive experience with movie set quality props, original background sounds and music, and a unique storyline you need to follow for your mission. All of it together makes an unforgettable one-of-a-kind experience for our guests.

Since our opening on May 2015, more than 2,000 per month visiting us from Atlanta and all around the United States. We have Four quests available and Five more in development. Between the Four rooms, we have developed nearly 200 unique puzzles and riddles.


The format of real-life quests came out of 1990s-style computerized escape-the-room quests. There, the player seeks a way out of a room, using all means at-hand and solving various riddles.

With “Paranoia Quest – Escape the Room,” you get the same experience in real-life action. Everything you see, can be touched, moved, and used in the game (although preferably without breaking it — and you’ll be reminded of this before the start of the game!). You have 60 minutes to complete your mission.

The first real-life quests appeared simultaneously in Japan and Hungary. Fresh ideas sparked interest among outdoor enthusiasts and occupied a niche in entertainment. But, the implementation was «crude» and not deeply thought out. To create the quests and performances in “Paranoia Quest – Escape the Room,” we paid special attention to every detail, aiming for the player to leave with an emotional experience. We crafted our activity with care, everything from room design to our uniquely scripted puzzles and the original legend connected to it.

Our flagship quests are “Zombie Apocalypse” and “Murder Mystery”, joined by our latest addition: “Infection” and “Escape the room with a Zombie

You can see the different quests on our website. On each quest page, you’ll find a complete description of the plot along with pictures and a video trailer.

We try not to repeat ourselves: you can be sure that every quest will give you a unique and different experience.

By the way, we really appreciate your feedback and are constantly working to improve our experiences and performances by listening to your opinions. So, if you have something to say, ask, or wish us, we are happy to communicate with you via email support@paranoiaquest.com, through social media or in our office.

Interested to know more about our company and our owner?
See below interview with our owner Dmitry Mikhaylov.



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