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teen birthday party

We offer a new and exciting challenge that will make your party one to remember. At Paranoia Quest: Escape the Room, you and your guests will team up to be locked in a room with a unique mission to complete.

You will have 60 minutes to work together, crack the riddles, solve the puzzles, and escape!


Birthday Party Escape Room 1 Hour Event

Your group will play one of available quests
At the end of the game, team picture will be taken.
  • Group of 5 or more people:

    Normal admission prices. Birthday person will receive a Free Gift certificate pass.


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teen birthday party

At Paranoia Quest we offer the best birthday party in Atlanta. Our escape rooms are designed in such a way they will add excitement to your birthday party celebrations. Everything has been made easy for you. You only have to call us and our competent team of experts will explain everything to you. It is necessary to look for innovative ways you can celebrate your birthday in style. We make it easy for you to achieve the best in your birthday celebration planning. It does not matter your age; we cater for both adults as well as kids. You may be trying to figure out the best birthday party ideas but you are not sure, call us and our experts will solve the puzzle for you.

Why you should contact us for fun birthday party celebrations:

Packages to support different budgets

You should not shy away due to your budget. You will be surprised on how our packages are affordable. We have different packages for you to choose from so that you can enjoy your celebrations. To make it even more exciting to you, we can discuss and come up with a custom package which can meet your specific needs. We try as much as possible to come up with the best packages which you can realize value for money. Our company is among the best where you will access unbeaten rate in Atlanta.

Convenient online booking

It is necessary to discuss with your family members and close friends before you decide to undertake a given birthday celebration. As a company we have made it easy for you to access our services online from the comfort of your home and discuss before you book. All the information you need concerning our website is available on the website. Our chat system and contacts work for you to easily reach us for any questions. You will always enjoy your experience with us if you decide to call.

Memorable birthday party ideas

For you to make your birthday party memorable, you need to try our fun birthday party idea. We can offer you a venue where you can celebrate the birthday by cutting the cake and other aspects of a birthday party. To make the event even more memorable, we have escape rooms themed to assure you the best experience in your birthday party celebrations. At Paranoia Quest escape room, you will achieve incredible experience. In the escape rooms you will come across birthday party ideas, extreme emotions, puzzles for you to solve among other activities which will make your big event stand out.

Best birthday party for adults

There are certain things which make adults enjoy birthday parties. As experts in the field we have escape rooms where adults celebrating birthday parties can enjoy themselves. You will have more than one hour for you to crack riddles and solve puzzles so that you can escape the rooms. By the moment you will be out of the rooms, you will have developed new skills with your loved ones. In our adult’s birthday party themed escape rooms, you can undertake the tasks with your fiancée, couples or even friends who will like to enjoy their lives.

Outstanding birthday party for kids

The things kids love vary from those which excite adults. We take it into consideration in our design of the escape rooms. You can celebrate a birthday party for your child in our facility and we will provide an escape room themed to suit the needs of kids. Several kids have gone through our escape rooms and most of them come out excited due to the lessons they learn.

We allow any number of guests to your birthday party

Even if you have a lot of friends whom you prefer to have in your birthday party, you should not be stressed because we make it easy for you to have all of them enjoying the birthday party. We have several escape rooms which we can arrange to have your friends in different groups so that they can enjoy themselves in the escape rooms. Each escape room is arranged in such a way you will come out with an idea you can apply in life. All our professionals are highly qualified; try our escape rooms and your birthday party celebrations will always stand out.



If you’re looking for the best birthday party venues in Atlanta, you already know you have lots of choices available. But if you’re looking for something more than just “the movies” or “the local pizza place”, you’re in for a treat. The best birthday party venues Atlanta are those which not only create memories that last a lifetime, but ensure that everyone has a great time!

With birthdays, the person’s special day has to be unforgettable. That’s why your average venues that cater to children are usually full of staff that, while they may be equipped to handle a group of kids, don’t really offer anything entertaining for all ages. A place like this is small and often cramped. What you need instead is a site that’s large enough to handle a pack of energetic kids, yet structured enough to give them a great time they won’t soon forget!


What do most places to have a birthday party in Atlanta have in common? They’re all the same! Pizza? Cake? A few songs? An animatronic animal? Yawn. For kids, it’s the “same old, same old”. Sure, you can take a group to the park or to treat them to pizza and a movie, but that’s all been done before. When you want something different, it’s time to think about what would really make their birthday unforgettable:


And escape rooms aren’t just for kids. Plenty of teens and adults love them too!  It’s the birthday game that everyone is sure to love! But what sets an escape room apart from your average birthday pizza party or movie? Let’s take a closer look.


When deciding between birthday parties Atlanta venues, there are several things you’ll want to consider. Don’t just choose the first place that comes to mind. In “The 404” there are plenty of places that guarantee an amazing birthday party no matter how old or young you are. If you are looking for things to do in Atlanta, the “Peachtree State” is known for a wide range of eclectic and unique activities that are sure to excite and delight everyone!

Here’s what you’ll want to look for when choosing a birthday party venue in Atlanta:

The last thing you want is a bunch of people crammed together in a small space. Fortunately, an escape room from Paranoia Quest is the perfect adventure to suit group outings in Atlanta,  large or small.  Within each themed room, there are also tasks which require people to work in smaller teams or as a group to complete. Everyone’s best skills come to the forefront as they work to complete the challenge, search for clues, and claim victory before time runs out! Will you and your party be successful or will time slip away before you know it? The only way to know is to try!

This is where our unique birthday party ideas truly shine. Every escape room is like a museum brimming with beautiful arts. No detail is left to chance as every room includes clues and is designed to transport you away from Atlanta and into a world like no other. Step inside, and the next thing you know, you’re back in time, reliving an unknown history. Savor the art that surrounds you. Discover an outdoor paradise or uncover a sign that could lead to another clue, and then another. Anticipation and excitement are high, but watch carefully as not everything is as it seems!

Some of our party-goers’ favorite rooms include an underground dig that uncovers a world of unusual secrets. Another popular choice features a secret military base that hides something truly out of this world. Want something more suspenseful? A visit to our apocalyptic world is like nothing else you’ve ever experienced! Will you discover the secret in time, or will you become zombie food? Only you and your team of intrepid adventurers can piece together the puzzle and escape in time.

Want something even more different? You’ll want to check out our fantasy-themed escape room, where up is down, and down is up. The compass points NE but you go North. And what will you find? Another door,another clue. Unlimited options. No other birthday party experience offers you so much excitement and so many thrills in one place!  Bring your thirst for adventure to Paranoia Quest and let us give you a birthday party service that is sure to be THE party that everyone’s talking about!

What would a birthday party in Atlanta be without music and food? At Paranoia Quest, we have birthday party packages available including catered food menu to help take your event to the next level. As your host, we’re committed to ensuring that you have an amazing time with us.

In a big city like Atlanta, parking can be hard to come by. But at Paranoia Quest, your nearest escape room, you’ll find we’re easy and convenient to get to, and parking is always free!  Just don’t be surprised if your birthday boy or girl wants us to host next years party as well (and we’d be more than happy to!) that’s just how amazing our escape rooms are!


When it comes to a kids party Atlanta, no matter what age, you want fun birthday ideas in Atlanta. You want something convenient and local, without a bunch of additional charges every time you turn around. And since kids tend to get bored easily if there isn’t something keeping them on their toes, an escape room is the perfect opportunity for them to explore and put their heads together to solve crazy, fun and engaging mysteries! From their point of view, it’s like a video game where they are the hero — what could be better?

Escape Rooms from Paranoia Quest are definitely not the “same old thing”, and many kids have had their names added to our leaderboards in celebration of their victory! Will your team beat the record and claim a spot in history? Only time will tell!


Because escape rooms in Atlanta are unlike your typical birthday party venue, many people understandably ask “why choose an escape room?” There are several reasons, but mainly, because it’s a great activity that many people can do together. Oftentimes, kids parties revolve around the same games, or painting some little art piece or creating something small. And while those are great hands-on activities, not every kid is a budding Picasso, and after awhile, the same games can get boring.

Escape rooms are anything but boring. Choose a themed room, get an overview of what to expect, and then you walk in. Suddenly, you’re not in Atlanta anymore. You’re in a secret military base hidden deep underground, or you’ve been transported to a fantasy world with only a crude compass to guide you. You could find yourself in the middle of a zombie wasteland or in a hidden temple uncovering mysteries that may be better left hidden.

No matter which room you choose, you can be sure that among birthday party places in Atlanta, escape rooms from Paranoia Quest are rated among the highest in terms of unique birthday ideas because of their fun, engaging and hands-on approach.


For the best birthday ideas in Atlanta, it pays to spend some time researching birthday parties and similar venues in Atlanta. But if you’re short on time, you need ideas — and FAST! Here are our top birthday ideas in Atlanta:

This new escape room, open in our downtown Atlanta location lets you put your skills to the test to see if you can break free from prison and escape in time without getting caught. If you’ve ever watched jail break-style TV shows and thought “I could do better”, then here’s your chance to try a similar situation on your own terms. Enter with up to 11 other people. You’ve got one hour to break free. Can you get out in time?

Our most popular quest puts you at the forefront of a nuclear apocalypse that has transformed your average person into a brain-hungry zombie. Can you survive? You’ve got one hour to make it out before becoming zombie bait. Only you and seven other party-goers will go in. How many will come out?

Our most popular idea for birthday parties, this room lets you channel your inner detective to determine the cause of a murder mystery. Can you piece together the puzzle in time? You and 14 others have an opportunity to solve this pressing mystery, but you only have one hour to do it. Can you uncover the truth?

For people who aren’t new to escape rooms comes our hardest quest. Can you escape the room with a live zombie? This room features live actors that are hungry for brains. Very few can pass this challenging quest. Only you and seven others will be allowed in. And just as a warning — it’s NOT for the faint of heart!

Our newest quest in the Buford Mall of Georgia Village is Wonderland. A great fantasy for kids and adults alike, you and your team of up to 10 people are in charge of fixing a wayward clock from Wonderland before time shifts and you become stuck in the realm forever. It’s a great option for your fun Birthday party near mall of Georgia

Discover what lies beneath a dig that has uncovered something truly incredible. You and nine of your friends have an opportunity to investigate a recently excavated area. But what you’ll find will defy explanation. You only have an hour to discover what’s waiting below. Can you make it out in time?

A new quest for smaller party groups, Operation Bravo is the site of a military base where nothing is as it seems. What does the military have to hide and why such secrecy? You and five of your friends are tasked with investigating what happened here, and you won’t believe what you’ll find out.

Mystery and magic combine in this unusual escape room in our Buford location. You and eleven of your friends must discover the strange circumstances behind the deaths of three witches. This room combines strange and mysterious forces that work together to try and thwart your plans. Can you reveal the truth in time?

Zombies are always a popular attraction in our escape rooms, and the Zombie Hour is no different. Voted by participants as our most exciting escape room, Zombie Hour an hour you’ll never forget! Very few groups successfully make it out of this room, so if you’ve done escape rooms for birthday parties in the past and you’re looking for a new challenge — THIS is the room for you!

The excitement of an escape room meets the world of virtual reality! Designed for up to four players, the universe really is in the palm of your hand. A unique challenge like no other, you’ll want to reserve your spot for this incredible escape room as it’s one of our most popular attractions!


Now that you’ve read more about the wide range of escape rooms we have to offer, your next question has to be — where do I sign up? Glad you asked! You can call us at either our downtown Atlanta location or at our Escape room Buford (Mall of Georgia) depending on the room you’re interested in reserving. We encourage you to act quickly, as our rooms sell out quickly due to popularity for birthday parties in Atlanta.

If you’d like to know more about a particular room and what you can expect, simply click on the theme you’re interested in, and a brief story as well as more details will be presented to you. If the description piques your interest, you can give us a call and we’d be delighted to answer any questions you may have about the particular escape room you’re interested in, or to simply answer questions in general.

You can also book your chosen escape room directly online through our secure ordering and reservation system. This is a great way to be sure you’ll get your chosen spot at your desired time and date. We have a reservation calendar directly on our site that you can use to select and reserve for the birthday party (either for yourself, your child, a friend or whomever!)


Because we’re so sure you’ll have an amazing and memorable time in our escape rooms, you’ll be glad to know that we also sell gift cards at both of our Paranoia Quest; Escape the Room locations! The perfect gift for use the next time the birthday boy or girl wants to experience the thrill of an escape room (which will probably be the following day! It’s that good!) Escape room gift cards are a gift that truly says you care… and that you hope the birthday celebrant doesn’t get eaten by zombies.


Cartoon of a group of people in modern dress in a dark age setting

As you can see, there are a wide variety of escape rooms available in Atlanta and just waiting for you to uncover their mysteries, solve their puzzles and discover the challenges that await you. We have rooms specifically tailored to children, teenagers, adults and adults that want to let their inner child play a bit. No matter which room you choose, you’ll find that at Paranoia Quest: Escape the Room, we’re unlike any party venue in Atlanta you’ve ever experienced.

Come by either of our locations and see for yourself how an escape room party is sure to be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. We’re always adding new and innovative rooms for our guests to experience, so we invite you to try them all and see how good your powers of deduction, reasoning and performing under pressure really are!

One thing we know you’ll notice is that when you’re working together with a group, large or small, everyone’s best abilities come to the forefront. You have your natural leaders, organizers, problem-solvers…Everyone has a role to play in team building events, and everyone becomes a hero! Ready to unleash your inner child or put yourself squarely in the center of attention as the hero of your very own quest? Make it a birthday to remember by letting us host your party at either our escape room Atlanta location or the Mall of Georgia.

Call today or make a reservation securely online. We can’t wait to meet you and deliver an exciting, thrilling party that’s sure to be one everyone will be talking about for days or even weeks to come!

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