Paranoia Quest’s Top 10 Ideas For Hosting The Ultimate Birthday Parties For Teens!


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An Escape Room Near Me: Top 10 Ideas for Hosting the Ultimate Birthday Parties for Teens

Trends are constantly changing, especially for teens. When gathering teen birthday ideas, it’s important to keep it fresh and fun! The ultimate party is planned ahead of time, has all the right guests, and thinks outside the box in terms of activities. These teenage years don’t last forever. We’ve all been to a pizza party! Forget what you think you know about teen birthday part ideas. Throw your teenager a birthday party they will never forget, that is as unique and energetic as they are! It’s time to freshen up the teen party scene with these 10 ideas for hosting the ultimate birthday party for teens:

1.Start planning early:

Don’t be afraid to get a head start on party planning. Get all the typical party planning tasks out of the way. Decide on your budget first. This will set a guideline for the rest of the party planning process. Then nail down your guest list. Help your teen make a short list of close friends and family members to share their big day with!

2. Make it a theme night:

There’s a lot going on in pop culture right now, so you shouldn’t have any trouble picking a theme your teen will go crazy for. Whether your teen is really into 70’s ultimate-birthday-party-for-teens-escape-room-atlanta music or a big cartoon fan, there’s something out there that fits their personality!

3. Create a playlist:

Find out what genre music your teen loves best and make a free playlist on Pandora or Spotify! When preparing for a birthday party for teens, a playlist will be the icing on the cake for the theme and help create an exciting atmosphere

4. Serve their favorite food:

Ditch the plain pizza and chips. You don’t have to be a professional chef to serve up some awesome party food everyone will go crazy for. Find out what foods make your teen’s mouth water and go from there! Pinterest is a great resource for ideas as well.

5. Pick the best tasty treats:

Teens love sweets! Take it up a notch from cookies and candy and offer them a dessert bar or have them create their own sundae!

6. Rethink the birthday cake:

Continue to make the party unique by switching out the traditional birthday cake with brownies, cupcakes, or even dessert waffles! Don’t be afraid to get creative. Teens will love the unique idea, and immediately take a pic for instagram!  ultimate-birthday-party-for-teens-escape-room-atlanta

7. Give them a photo op:

Teens love selfies! Don’t forget to give them a cute spot to take them. Setting up a selfie booth is an inexpensive way to add a little flare to the birthday party fun! Choose a blank wall in your home and hang a white sheet for a back drop. Then add streamers, balloons, and any other decoration that fits your theme!

8. Take the party somewhere unique and entertaining:

Don’t keep a bunch of teens locked up in your house all day! They’ve been to the movie theater and bowling alley, it’s time to choose an activity they’ve never done before! Paranoia Quest’s Escape Room is the perfect excursion. They’ll challenge their mind while having a lot of fun working as a team and making memories they’ll never forget. Paranoia Quest also offers special deals for the guest of honor!

Why Take My Teen to an Escape Room? Here are 5 Reasons Teens Love Escape Rooms:

9. Top the night off with bonfire and s’mores:

After an unforgettable escape room experience at Paranoia Quest, take the kids back to your place for a sunset bonfire and s’mores! It will give them an opportunity to relax, unwind, and share stories about their awesome escape room experience!

10. Create a guestbook:

Your teen will want to remember this party forever! Something simple as a card or a small journal for all the guests to sign will become a treasure for your teen.

Book Today At Paranoia Quest for the Ultimate Teen Birthday Party

No need to spend hours on Google and Pinterest gathering teen birthday ideas. Now is the perfect time to book an escape room near me at Paranoia Quest. not only will your teen love the experience, but they will also create amazing memories with their family and friends. It is the perfect opportunity to get your teenager off their cell phone and into the team spirit! Contact Paranoia Quest today at 678-828-4410 to book your ultimate teen birthday party. You can also book a time on our website. Connect with us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on new escape rooms and more! Don’t wait, your teen will thank you!

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