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Skip the Black Friday Rush by Giving an Escape Room Gift Experience

The end of this week marks one of the most exciting, terrifying and foolish “holidays” we as a people celebrate, Black Friday. Starting Thanksgiving afternoon and running through until the end of the day Monday (remember Cyber Monday for online shopping is a thing now), the entire country will become obsessed with finding the best […]

Treat Your Thanksgiving Guests To An Escape Room Atlanta Adventure

It’s the Thanksgiving holiday and generally that means you have family in town for the holiday. And since almost no one flies in, stays for the Thanksgiving meal and leaves immediately, so you are probably going to have time to fill. Your guests can sit around, watch TV and generally do nothing, but that doesn’t […]

Team building in Lawrenceville offers great company results

The success of your business lives and dies on how well your team of employees works together as a unit. A fragmented, argumentative team is a major stumbling block when it comes to productivity, and countless businesses have failed simply because the team members didn’t work well together. Here’s the thing: it’s easy to spot […]

Using an escape room in Atlanta as a fundraising event

Fundraising is a tough business to be in. Asking people for money, no matter the cause, is never easy, and fundraising events can be extremely tough to get right. Everyone has been to a boring fundraising dinner or banquet, and while these are traditional, they aren’t the most exciting prospect for getting donors to turn […]

Fun Things to Do in Buford With Your Teens

Teens are a group that is historically hard to please. Addicted to their phones and social media, their favorite response to any question is “meh.” The teenage crowd has mastered the balance of indifference with awkwardness, and getting them to do anything, let alone get excited about it, is like herding cats. So what do […]

Paranoia Quest premieres in The Houses October Built 2

What’s the one thing everyone seems to do around Halloween? You may have answered “trick-or-treat” but let’s be honest; no 34-year-old is going door to door with a pillowcase and a store-bought costume looking for mini Snickers bars. So what does that leave? Scary movies, of course! This Halloween, when choosing your frightful flick, consider […]