Planning a Great Game Night with an Escape Room in Suwanee

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An Escape Room in Suwanee For Your Game Night

Game nights are meant for spending time with friends, family and having a memorable night. However, after a while the games you have at home may become repetitive. We found eight ways for families and friends to spice up the night. However, planning a great game night with an Escape Room in Suwanee would be the ultimate game-changer. Let Paranoia Quest give you a whole new meaning to game night.

escape room in Suwanee-team An Out-of-the-box Game Night With An Escape Room in Suwanee

We all have friends and family members that like and approach things differently.  That’s especially true when it comes to game night. Some like mystery, others like analytical challenges and then there are of course the fantasy lovers. Planning a great game night with an Escape Room in Suwanee can change up any game night for those who have different tastes.

  • Zombie Hour–We all have a little bit of that urge to fight off zombies. Through this Zombie Hour, scientists have lost all contact and they have the cure. You and your group race against time to find the infection vaccine for the survivors around the globe.
  • The Dig– At one some point in our lives, we’ve all wanted to tap into our inner Indiana Jones. This Escape Room in Suwanee helps you lasso in the opportunity to do just that. You and your game night adventurers are trying to escape a Central American mine shaft before local authorities stop you in your tracks.
  • escape room in Suwanee-escape plan The Escape Plan– We’ve all watched TV shows with main characters taking on a humanitarian and high-risk cases. Somehow, they always seem to get trapped by local law enforcement. Now you and your game night gang can share in that experience. A guard in the jail has taken your side. However, you only have one hour before the cameras restart. This Jailbreak Adventure helps you break out of the normal game night.
  • Witch Hunter – There’s always one friend with a love for fantasy and magic. That’s where this Escape Room in Suwanee gives you and your fellow witch hunters the chance to tap into your investigative skills. Here you and your hunters are on the search for clues before an evil vampire lord escapes from an ever-weakening spell.

Take Game Night to a New Level with an Escape Room in Suwanee

All themes and rooms offered at Paranoia Quest should make any game night a memorable one. Although there are only four rooms listed above, Paranoia Quest offers many other types of rooms for your game night. For more information about the Escape Rooms in Suwanee, Contact Paranoia Quest  or Call Us at 678-288-6555. Connect with us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on our new escape rooms and more.

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