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Looking for Things to Do in Atlanta?

Feeling bored? Wondering what to do in Atlanta today? Why not try out an escape room? Even if you’ve tried one of these popular escape rooms in the past, you’ve never tried one like those at Paranoia Quest: Escape the Room! There’s a reason why our large escape rooms and varied mystery rooms are among the best things to do in Atlanta! Here’s what you can look forward to:

One of the Highest-Rated Things to Do in Atlanta

There’s a reason why escape rooms are one of the top things to do in Atlanta. Sure, the botanical gardens are beautiful, the Olympic park is great and the Georgia Aquarium is fascinating. But if you really want to get involved in a unique challenge like no other, you just can’t beat trying out an escape room.

No matter whether you’re in Atlanta for a team building exercise, a birthday party, a corporate event or just visiting friends or family, an escape room is a great way to spend an afternoon. If you’ve never done one before, you’re in for an experience like no other! 

So what exactly is an escape room? You can think of it like a timed puzzle. Most escape rooms last an hour, and there are many different clues and mysteries to solve. The catch is, you only have (in most cases) an hour to solve them. That means you have to work together with others in your group, as well as separately, to overcome the challenges of the game in enough time to escape and declare yourself victorious! 

Why Escape Rooms are One of the Best Things to Do in Atlanta GA

The interesting and unexpected part of escape rooms is that no two of them are alike! For example, if you’ve taken a tour of other things to do in Atlanta, you’ve seen it and you’re done. You could see it a second time and you’d know exactly what to expect. 

Escape rooms are different, precisely because there are several different ones to choose from. At Paranoia Quest: Escape the Room, we have several different types of escape rooms, so you can choose one that suits your mood, your favorite style of game, book or movie, and much more. 

The various escape room style always present a unique challenge not only because of the limited time available to solve the riddles, but also because of the many different ways you can approach them. 

Escape room puzzles are not linear — in other words, you don’t complete them one after another. You can tackle them in any order and you may choose to work independently, in small groups, or as a large group. Different situations call for different approaches and you’ll want to approach each one with a different perspective or view in order to emerge victorious! 

Just Visiting? Here’s What to Do in Atlanta

Wondering what to do in Atlanta today? If you’re only visiting, or if you’ve been here before, you’re probably looking for new and interesting things to captivate and amaze you. Atlanta has plenty of tourist attractions, but if you’d rather try something more interesting, check out Paranoia Quest: Escape the Room. 

We have two great locations, in Buford at the Mall of Georgia and in Downtown Atlanta. Both locations are convenient locating with plenty of parking, so you can grab a friend (or a bunch of friends, or coworkers), and tackle an escape room. 

Although the time is set for an hour, you’ll be creating all kinds of fun and interesting memories with your group. And even if you’re just by yourself, such as being in town for a conference or a party, you can definitely join in on the fun with a group and tackle any escape room that strikes your fancy!

Got Kids? There’s No Shortage of Fun Things to Do in Atlanta!

If you’ve got kids, you may be surprised to learn that Atlanta is downright fun for kids of all ages! At Paranoia Quest: Escape the Room, we have a large variety of escape rooms that even kids will enjoy! For the young (or the young at heart), we have a more simplified escape room based on a popular Dr. Suess book. It’s a great holiday escape room that’s sure to get you and your group into the spirit.

For older kids (or anyone who just likes to have a good time), there are a wide range of choices, including an escape room themed like a zombie apocalypse. Many kids looking for fun things to do in Atlanta say that our escape rooms are just like their favorite video games, except they get to be the hero! What could be better than that? 

There are plenty of fun things to do in Atlanta that don’t require you to be on your feet all day or  be out under the scorching Atlanta sun. An escape room in Atlanta will give your brain some exercise, and force you to “think outside the box” to solve puzzles and experiment to find the solution.

If you’re victorious in escaping the room, you and your group will find yourselves a place on our highly-acclaimed leaderboards. Can you and your team beat the best times in order to escape the room? Only time will tell! 

Just Here for a Day? Things to Do in Atlanta Today

Curious about what to do in Atlanta GA?  If you’re only here for a day and looking for things to do in Atlanta for that day, an escape room from Paranoia Quest is a great choice. It takes just one hour and you can even reserve a room you’d like to try directly online! Just choose the date when you’re going to be in the city, pay securely online, and you’ll be all set! 

At Paranoia Quest: Escape the Room, we have escape rooms of different sizes, including large escape rooms, smaller escape rooms, and much more. We even have escape rooms with actors that add a whole new layer of fear and urgency to trying to escape the room! 

Keep in mind that these types of rooms are for more advanced escape room aficionados, but we also have escape rooms for first-timers as well as those who are somewhat experienced with how escape rooms. There really are things to do in Atlanta for all experience levels when it comes to escape rooms! 

The Best Atlanta Activities for All Ages

The great thing about looking for Atlanta activities and trying out escape rooms are that you can really get into the act! For example, although some of the escape rooms are the same at both Paranoia Quest locations, many of them are different and only found in that one location. So even if you’ve tried all of the mystery rooms at one location, we can bet you haven’t tried all of them at the other! 

No matter what you’re interested in, chances are there’s an escape room in Atlanta that can truly take you on an adventure like no other!  Let’s take a closer look at the types of escape rooms we have available:

Adventure Escape Room – Our adventure escape room is themed like an “Indiana Jones” style room, where you’ll be among the few brave explorers after an excavation has uncovered something unique that you’ll have to see to believe. Discover the hidden ruins and the puzzles that are centuries old. Will you claim victory, or will the sands of time claim you?

Military Style Escape Room – In a hidden lab in an undisclosed location, there’s a secret lurking. It’s up to you and your “task force” of companions to see what it was that the government and the military wanted to desperately to hide, and why. In this abandoned lab, you’ll need to explore and discover the truth, and get out with the secret. 

Zombie Apocalypse Escape Room – In a dark and desolate wasteland, a sinister virus has turned most of the people into former shells of themselves. Can you solve the mysteries that caused this deadly plague while avoiding spreading the infection yourself? This is one of our most popular rooms and once you try it for yourself, you’ll see why! 

Jail Break Escape Room – The original escape room and still one of the most popular! Do you have the skills to break out of a prison cell before the guards catch you? The jail break escape room lets you test your skills in a realistic looking scenario. Escape in time and clear your name from the crime you’ve been accused of! 

Zombie Survival Escape Room – Our most challenging escape room and a fan favorite! The zombie escape room makes survival front and center by putting you in an escape room with a live (and hungry) zombie. Evil experiments have happened here, but some of them are still up and walking around. Can you and your friends escape this living nightmare, or will you become zombie bait?  This room is not for the faint of heart and not for the inexperienced! Only true escape room veterans should attempt the Zombie Survival escape room! 

Strange Fantasy Escape Room – Discover a realm where nothing is as it seems! Like a page taken out of Alice in Wonderland, enter a world where the clock that manages night and day has broken, causing the land to fall into a perpetual light. Can you discover what’s wrong with the clock in this strange fantasy world, or will you be forced to spend eternity here surrounded by daylight in a world where time stands still? 

Murder Mystery Escape Room For the true gumshoes among us and lovers of a good murder mystery, this escape room will surely have you channeling your inner Sherlock Holmes! You and your group are tasked with solving a strange murder, but all of the clues are scattered and strange. Can you piece together the riddles and find out who the perpetrator is? A great escape room for those who are fans of mystery books, detective stories and more!

Occult Witches Escape Room – Do you prefer your escape rooms to have a bit more of an occult flair? Do you enjoy watching shows or reading books about the paranormal? If so, this is the escape room for you! Step into the shoes of a renowned witch hunter and figure out the mysteries of a place where magic and mystery hang thick in the air. Wait, what was that noise? 

And Much More! These are just a few of the many different styles of escape rooms we have available. Plus, we’re always adding new escape rooms and we’ll be expanding soon, creating even more themed rooms for you and your friends to enjoy! Stop by either of our two convenient locations to experience an escape room like no other for yourself! 

There are Tons of Things to Do in Atlanta, But Nothing Creates Memories Like an Escape Room! 

As you can see, there are plenty of things to do in Atlanta, but only one name to know when it comes to escape rooms: Paranoia Quest: Escape the Room. Create memories for your trip or your visit that can last a lifetime! You’ll be talking about your escape room experience well after it happens, and even if you don’t make it out in time, you’ll still have plenty to talk about as you relive the experience again and again and cherish those moments in your mind.

The good news is that at Paranoia Quest: Escape the Room, we make it easy for you to experience an escape room in Atlanta! Simply choose one of our locations, check out the available rooms and learn more about the story behind each one. If it piques your interest, grab some friends (or come as you are) and reserve your spot! Our online calendar feature on our website makes it easy for you to reserve your spot in your chosen escape room — a perfect choice if you’re only going to be in Atlanta for a certain period of time.

But you don’t want to wait too long, because the escape rooms at Paranoia Quest: Escape the Room are incredibly popular and they fill up fast! On each page for each respective room, you can also see how many people each escape room game accommodates, so even if you want to join in with a larger group, chances are we can definitely accommodate your needs! 

To learn more, visit our website and read more about the available escape rooms. Schedule and pay conveniently online through our secure reservation system, or reach out to us with any questions you may have about escape rooms, what they’re like and much more. Come and experience one of the best ways to spend an afternoon in Atlanta. You’ll be glad you did! 

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