Where to Go For Your Next Team Building Event


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You know that you want to do a team building activity in order to improve the relationships your employees have with each other.

The only problem is you have no idea where to go or what to do.

You have heard about the many boring activities that other companies do, but you want to try something different fun, thrilling and adrenaline-pumping.

An Escape the Room event at Paranoia Quest has everything you are looking for.

Not Sure You’re Ready for this Much Fun?

Some companies may hesitate, “Is an escape game to physically demanding for my employees?” HR managers might chime in, “It won’t fit the culture of the company”. Not to worry, our team at Paranoia Quest is accommodating to the many unique needs of different companies. We have welcomed players of all ages, from many industries and of many different fitness levels. While your adrenaline will get pumping, it’s not from bungee jumping or tight rope walking, it is the urgency for your team to work together and use their brain power to reach a goal. This experience shakes up the day to day interactions that employees are used to, and helps the team grow in ways beneficial to business.

Paranoia Quest Will Help Build Your Team

At Paranoia Quest, we know the excitement and challenge of this experience can have powerful effects on teams of people. Our escape games have been proven effective time and time again.

Take a look at what your group can accomplish by taking part in one of our exciting events.

Improve Communication.

Your team members are going to be forced to talk to one another in order to complete their mission on time. People within the group will learn more about each other in this short time frame then they may have discovered in years working together.

Help Players Respect Each Other’s Contributions.

Every person’s strength, knowledge, and experiences are going to come into play at some point during the activity. Everyone involved is going to have to consider what the other one is saying. Our quests were designed specifically as group effort activities so the team is going to have to work as a unit to complete the puzzle.

Improve Creative Thinking to Solve Problems.

Chances are your employees are going to get bored sitting around in the same office day after day. You can get their creative juices flowing and present them with a unique experience that causes them to think outside of their norm. They get to solve a different kind of problem with an Escape the Room activity.

Keep Team Engaged.

Our team building games are exciting for two reasons. One, the players are locked in a room looking for an escape, and two, they only have a limited amount of time to get out. With these factors, it provides just enough to keep the team from getting bored or becoming overwhelmed. Don’t worry though, if someone wants out, we have emergency exits available.

Now is the time to get your team involved with one another. Do not sit around waiting for bonds to be made on their own. You can speed up the process by planning a team building activity at Paranoia Quest –Escape the room in Atlanta today.

You can stop in and see for yourself all we have to offer, or

CALL OUR CORPORATE EVENT SPECIALISTS TODAY at (770) 527-1285 to schedule your event.

To see our Special Team building pricing and details download our Corporate Team Building PowerPoint Presentation with special pricing and details below

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