Team Building Skills: Which do you want?


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Team Building Skills Are There For the Taking
For team building activities to be a success it is crucial to know what you want your team to gain from the exercise. Better communication, leadership development and creative inspiration are just a few of the team building skills to be gained by a team building exercise. Traditional methods for building a solid team are slowly going out the window. Successful team building requires a challenge and unfortunately the truth is many traditional, conference room activities don’t present these opportunities. What better way to tackle those concerns than to lock your team in a room together for an hour, relying on each other to escape?

Communication team building skills_teamflowchart

Communication is the foundation for a successful team in any company; it is also a key attribute to successfully escaping a room. As much as you want to be the one to solve the whole puzzle, you can’t, it requires a team. The puzzles are interconnected so it is vital to be communicating what clues you find with the group and what your thoughts are on how to solve them. Don’t just tell your cubicle pal, Jill, the code you see on the wall, listen to what the team needs as a whole, collaborate; the code you found may just be what Jack, from accounting, needs to break the code for the keypad.


While unless you are a manager, you may not ALWAYS be the team lead, but there are undoubtedly times where you will be asked to step up. Having the confidence to do so and actively take on the role of leadership is important. An escape room can provide a fun, entertaining and open arena for leadership skills to surface in all team members. It provides the freedom to explore other roles without stepping on the proverbial “office toes”.  If you are the manager, this is the time to take a step back and see who on your team has the skills to take on a leadership role when needed.

Creativity team building skills_teamidea

Puzzles in Paranoia Quest Escape the Room aren’t just adding and subtracting numbers, with obvious clues pointing where to go. No, it is having objectives scattered everywhere, figuring out how they are connected, this is where the creativity comes into play. If you are stuck on a puzzle for a while call over a co-worker or two and see what you can figure out together. You may have had the idea all along but it took Fred, from development, saying something that sparks a solution.

Try out those crazy ideas, be creative, it may not work the first time but it could be the final puzzle piece.

If you want a fun environment that will give your Alpharetta team the opportunity to develop and exercise their team building skills, book a corporate event with Paranoia Quest Escape the Room today. Locations are offered in Buford-Mall of Georgia and Atlanta!

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