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If you’re in Atlanta looking to combine business with pleasure, and if you’re here on business with your colleagues at the same time, it’s an excellent opportunity for you to try and improve the effectiveness of your teamwork by visiting one of the best quest rooms in Atlanta.

Infection quest is one of the most popular escape rooms. If anything can trigger that teamwork spirit within your group, it is this game!

Team Building Atlanta

When the Meteor RX13 crashed in 1997 in New Mexico, it was thoroughly examined by the NOA. In fact, the meteor was shipped to a hidden NOA facility. However, some troublesome information has leaked about a strange energy within the mass and 25 members of the research group were mysteriously killed!

During the examination, scientists have discovered 17 pods that emitted heat signatures and the EKG even registered pulse coming from the pods! For years the meteorite remained idle, until… the last specimen started to act…

There was an emergency call from the NOA Biolab and then the radio went silent. 1200 personnel have disappeared in total!

And, now their family members are asking for some answers from the government! The facility is all abandoned; but a group of daring journalists and experts have managed to enter the laboratory illegally in this quest for truth! You are a part of this team that crashed into the lab where it all began.

You can either discover some answers or go down with the rest of the research team before you. To escape the room, you will have to look into various clues, riddles, puzzles and codes you come across in the room.

Be prepared: the puzzles are no picnic; otherwise, it would be too easy. They require creative thinking, unique point of view, a different perspective, brainstorming… Oftentimes even kids can figure out things due to their specific open-mindedness and imagination!

And that’s just it – a colorful range of people of different ages and abilities, different professions or positions, is probably the most effective way to solve some of the tasks. Infection is ideal for team building – you must all do your part of the job otherwise you’re all doomed! But, no pressure…

Consider assigning different roles to each member of the team, for instance, someone will certainly come forward as a team leader, someone needs to keep track of the time, and others will be quite valuable at brainstorming… Everyone’s contribution is of equal value, since you never know whose unique virtue and skill might be the most needed in certain riddles and obstacles. You need to find use of everything that each person has to offer.

Team Building Activities in Atlanta

Atlanta offers a wide range of quest rooms which all require solid team effort to achieve victory. They are learning to depend on one another, to appreciate each person’s unique interest and talents, to be the one others depend on, they learn things about each other they could never have learned at work… and all this in a fun and dynamic way.

Just a little suggestion – try not to impose a specific task on your employee(s); rather give the problem to the entire team, and allow them to assign specific tasks amongst themselves and on their own. This will do miracles for your team! First of all, the team will accept the problem as their own and will try and solve it with more passion; secondly, it will eliminate unnecessary stress and pressure, plus everyone will get to do what they are good at.

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