Team Building Activities for Employees


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During periods of change within the workplace, or as a way of re-engaging and motivating employees, it is important to introduce team building activities and fun days. There are many options available for employee team building in Atlanta, one of which is Paranoia Quest, a multidimensional, fully immersive simulation game for participants of all ages and abilities. Having opened in 2015, this invigorating game has been experienced by tens of thousands of visitors from all over America.

Staff Team Building Activities

Employees and colleagues need to work well as a team. This includes practicing good communication, active listening, building trust, leadership and cooperative time management, all of which can be transferred back to the workplace. Employee team building activities can involve small problem-solving strategies, building projects, imaginative play, quests, and fun missions. It’s vital that follow-up sessions are organized to measure your teams’ progress.

Office Team Building Activities

For Executive team building activities, there are games and tasks that can either be practiced in the office itself or larger scale activities for big corporations that may prefer to leave the office for a while.

Some smaller, in-house team building activities could be ‘getting to know you’ games. One of these could involve standing in a circle and taking it in turns to disclose funny or interesting facts about yourself. Concentration games are also good for mental stimulation, getting employees and colleagues, in teams, to memorize certain objects or details, then seeing which team remembers the most.

Bigger tasks and games could include large-scale group volleyball, construction games using natural woodland materials or blindfold trust games.

Paranoia Quest Escape the Room in Atlanta

Escape The Room is an exhilarating employee team building experience available in Atlanta. Storylines can include Zombie Apocalypse world, Murder Mystery – Detective Story or Infection or Concpiracy Theory quests. Quests are specifically designed to be inclusive of all types of people and all abilities. Perfect for an executive team building day out, Escape the Room Zombie Apocalypse enables participants to imagine they are on a government quest to save the world, with time limited activities and missions that must be completed through the use of teamwork and problem-solving.

Atlanta’s Paranoia Quest provides the ultimate team-focused entertainment for employees of any type of business. Whether you work in an office, a school, a hospital or a laboring company, team building exercises are vital to the professional and relationship development of employees. By collectively standing in a high pressured, thrilling room, and taking part in a number of logic based puzzles, employees are able to connect the challenges of the events to those that are confronted daily in the workplace, providing long-term resolution skills.

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