Summer Parties That Rock At An Escape Room!

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Summer Parties Mean Business

It’s summer and to most of us, that means the neighborhood pools are finally open, schools are seeing their last days of the year and literally everyone is breaking out the barbecue . Maybe you and your friends are looking for something a little different this summer than the usual pool party celebration. Not that hot dogs, hamburgers and ribs could ever get old, but maybe this year your family or friends want something a little more daring or exciting. As you plan the perfect summer parties to out do everyone, maybe you could empty the shelves of a fireworks store, risk blowing off all your fingers and setting your house on fire, OR you could gather your troops for an exciting escape the room game at Paranoia Quest!

Escape Rooms Offer A Different Kind of Summer Funsummer parties_escaperoom_people

So what is an escape the room game anyway? You and your team, family or friends are placed in a single room and must solve a series of puzzles to, say it with me, escape the room within a certain time limit. These games require some serious teamwork, as well as keen observation skills and the ability to think “outside the box”. Even the most wary or hesitant of participants leaves with a smile on their face, excited to see just how well the members of your family or team worked together on a common problem. Ask anyone you know; if they’ve played an escape the room game, they will likely rave over how much fun the experience was. Just remember; not every team is able to come away with a win, so everyone will need to bring their A game to emerge the victors.

The Summer Games We Play

Paranoia Quest offers interested parties two locations to visit; the flagship location in Atlanta or the newly-opened location in Buford, located right around the corner from the Mall of Georgia. The Atlanta location is currently offering four escape the room games: Zombie Apocalypse, Murder Mystery, Area 51 and Escape the Room with a live zombie. Our new Buford location is offering the Escape Plan, The Dig and Pocket Universe games, the latter of which is a special virtual reality enhanced adventure. summer parties_escaperoom_handsEach of these games offers something a little different, from simple problem solving to conspiracy unraveling to sheer terror, but they share one thing in common; every single game is a one-of-a-kind experience that you, your family or your friends will absolutely love.

Paranoia Quest: The Best Escape Rooms in Atlanta and Buford

If you’re eyeing a different kind of summer party, you really can’t go wrong with either of Paranoia Quest’s two locations. These games are the kind of experience no one will forget anytime soon. So this year, augment your annual cookout with a spine-tingling trip to one of Paranoia Quest’s escape the room games. Contact the Atlanta location at (678) 828-44010 or by email at, or the Buford location at (678) 288-6555 or by email at You can also book your adventure online at Do you and your family have what it takes? Use this summer to find out!


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