Planning the Ultimate Escape Room Birthday

escape room birthday

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If you are planning a birthday party for anyone this year, chances are you want to avoid the same old, same old. No one is impressed by the “cake and ice cream” song and dance anymore; birthday parties need a major refresh, and the party you plan this year could be the start of a birthday revolution. How? This year, try out an ultimate escape room birthday party with the escape rooms at Paranoia Quest!

Plan the perfect escape room birthday

You and your guests want a little bit different way of celebrating a birthday this year, and the escape room birthday escape room birthday breaks the mold in ways you can’t imagine. The first step is picking a location and a game. Paranoia Quest has two locations – on in Atlanta near Georgia State University and one in Buford near the Mall of Georgia – so if you are in the metro area, one of the locations is surely more convenient than the other. Luckily, both location’s escape rooms can be booked online, so once you’ve made the location decision, the fun part starts.

Who are you throwing this party for? Teens and young professionals would probably want something on the scarier side, so our zombie escape rooms – Zombie Apocalypse and Zombie Hour – are perfect choices. For the younger or older set, something a bit tamer may be in order. The Dig or Pocket Universe are both highly rated by our fans and repeat customers, and since Pocket Universe is a virtual reality escape game, it provides that little extra “oh, cool!” to the entire escape room birthday. Our most popular escape room birthday game is Murder Mystery, so that one is worth a look as well. escape room birthday

The afterparty is up to you, but rest assured there are plenty of shops and restaurants near both of our locations. Of note is the Mall of Georgia near our Buford location; the Mall of Georgia and its surrounding sprawl of places to eat means that no matter what your preference, you can top of your escape room birthday with something really tasty!

Book a spot today!

Don’t plan anther lame birthday party this year. With an escape room birthday from Paranoia Quest, you can bring some major fun and new experiences to all your party guests. Pick a location and a game and leave the rest to us! Give us a call at 678-288-6555 (Buford) or (678) 828-4410 or book a room online today.

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