Paranoia Quest premieres in The Houses October Built 2

Paranoia Quest

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What’s the one thing everyone seems to do around Halloween? You may have answered “trick-or-treat” but let’s be honest; no 34-year-old is going door to door with a pillowcase and a store-bought costume looking for mini Snickers bars. So what does that leave? Scary movies, of course! This Halloween, when choosing your frightful flick, consider the sequel to The Houses October Built, a found footage horror movie about a group of friends visiting extreme haunted houses and attractions, The Houses October Built 2. Why? Because Paranoia Quest and owner Dmitry Mikhaylov both appear in the movie! Someone call Hollywood – Paranoia Quest is ready for its’ close-up!

Catching up before The Houses October Built 2

Since The Houses October Built 2 takes place immediately following the events of the first film, let’s take a second to Paranoia Quest catch you up on the story (or you could just watch the movie). There are spoilers ahead so if you don’t want to ruin the story, skip to the next paragraph. A group of friends take a cross-country tour of the haunted attractions that seem to pop up everywhere in October, documenting the entire trip with GoPros, camera phones and the like. During their journey to find the most “extreme haunt,” they hear tell of something called “Blue Skeleton.” They eventually find the underground haunt, which breaks every rule and puts the friends in very real danger. The film ends with the group being buried alive by Blue Skeleton and left for dead.

The sequel picks up there, with the police finding the group before it’s too late. The lone female of the group becomes a YouTube sensation thanks to her filming herself being buried alive, and has earned the nickname “coffin girl”. Because of the group’s notoriety, haunted attractions everywhere want the group to visit. As expected, a new “extreme” haunt, Hellbent, is their ultimate goal, and things don’t quite go as planned. The movie has a surprise ending that I won’t ruin here, and it is a fun ride from start to finish.

The Houses October Built 2 – the Paranoia Quest connection

Paranoia Quest The second attraction the group visits in The Houses October Built 2 is our very own Paranoia Quest! The group plays the Zombie Apocalypse escape game and speaks on-camera with owner Dmitry Mikhaylov both before and after the session. Even better is the fact that Dmitry is the person who kicks off the whole plot of the movie, telling the group to seek out Hellbent if they want the most extreme experience available. The sequence is not just great PR for Paranoia Quest, it also gives horror fans a reason to visit and try the same game the actors in the film attempted to complete (they didn’t). This is no mere cameo for Paranoia Quest, and anyone who is interested in horror films or just seeing footage of one of our escape rooms should give The Houses October Built 2 a watch.

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