A New Year Can Be a Start for New Leadership

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A New Year Brings New Opportunities for New Leadership

Don’t you love the New Year? A time to sweep away all the mistakes of the previous year and start fresh with a clean slate. 

The Fitnesswomanleadingbusmeet_paranoiaquestescapetheroom—Get Healthier Now commercials have already started. The shelves of the local big box stores are lined with self-help books, body-weight scales and protein powder drinks. Yes it’s now the Christmas season for becoming a better you. But what about becoming a better leader? Many companies find that as the New Year starts they are beginning January with new changes, some negative like downsizing of staff due to fourth quarter (Q4) cuts and some positive, like new opportunities thanks to new budget openings. Either way this time of year is the best opportunity to bring about a new mindset for team leadership.

Whether you are a new manager walking into the front door of a company for the first time or a company owner who wants to lead your business to new profitability, seeking ways to bring on better leadership for the New Year is not only possible but a great start. Read More…

Plan a Team Building Event with Paranoia Escape the Room

If you are looking to kick off the New Year with New Leadership ideas one of the best starts is a Corporate Escapes Team Building Event. At Paranoia Quest Escape the Room, we are leaders when it comes to Team Building success. Contact us to plan a team building event that will not only be business inspiring and productivity enhancing but creative and fun for your staff. manvr_paranoiaquestescapetheroomWith two locations close to some of Atlanta and Buford’s most popular restaurants, make a day of it that your team will really enjoy.

Looking to expand your own personal leadership skills? Book a visit to our newest VR (virtual reality) escape room game experience located in Buford at the Mall of Georgia.

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