New Escape Room Buford, Wonderland, Arrives at Paranoia Quest

Cartoon rabbit from alice and wonderland

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Wonderland Offers New Escape Room Buford Fantasy Adventure

Fantasy always sparks some fun and exciting times no matter what age. We all have a desire to be imaginative and let our minds wander.  How can you change up the typical fantasy book, movie or game night experience? When Wonderland arrives in Buford, the answer becomes easy. Come, follow this rabbit into a world of curiosity and whimsical abnormalities ― our new escape room Buford, Wonderland.

Saving Wonderland, Our New Escape Room Buford

Time has stood still in Wonderland. The magical clock has malfunctioned. Wonderland is frozen within time and has lost its morning, noon and night. With Alice nowhere to be found, it is now up to you and your team to get Wonderland back to working order. The thing is you must sneak into the clock tower quickly before Wonderland is stuck in this timeless world forever. Wonderland arrives in Buford with this fantasy challenge!

Fantasy Thinking at Paranoia Quest’s New Escape Room Buford

With an escape room titled “Wonderland: Can You Beat the Clock,” you and your team are taking fantasy thinking head-on. Our new escape room Buford will allow you to tap into your team building skills with ease. Although reading fantasy and acting out fantasy is a little different, they have the same benefits.

  • Creativity – Fantasy allows the mind to wander. How does something work? How can I fix this? What can I do to help? With so much being left up to you and your imagination, creativity is able to take the wheel on these adventures.
  • Memory – With any escape room, there’s always a bit of remembering that has to be done in order to escape. Memorization is key to success, it’ll help you and your group build your memorization skills and help you with other tasks outside of Paranoia Quest.  
  • Inclusion – Making others feel included and welcome is always possible with escape rooms. Taking friends and family to an escape room is always exciting. However, taking new friends and friends of friends can help you include those who may feel left out. Plus, they too may love fantasy and would love to help you solve Wonderland’s problem.

Check Out Paranoia Quest’s New Escape Room Buford Today!

Our new escape room Buford is ready for you! Think you and your team can handle Wonderland’s race against time? Well the lack of time we mean. If so, please call our Mall of Georgia – Buford location at 678-288-6555 or request a room. Help Wonderland fix the magic clock before they are stuck in a loop forever!

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