Could your medical office staff survive the zombie apocalypse?

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When you think about your medical office staff, the first question that jumps to mind probably isn’t, “Hmm… I wonder if they could survive a zombie apocalypse?” Well, that probably isn’t the first question that comes to mind if you aren’t a total psychopath, so most people won’t fit into that category and medical offices can go years, even decades, without someone wondering if its team members could pull through an onslaught of the walking dead. But, if you oversee or are a part of a medical office team, I bet you are wondering about it now, aren’t you? Admit it; you are. Well, aside from ending the world yourself, there is one way to find out – Zombie Apocalypse escape room at Paranoia Quest’s Atlanta location!

Does your medical office staff have the right stuff?

Sure, they can schedule appointments, help patients and even draw blood, but does your medical office staff have medical office what it takes to survive zombies? In Paranoia Quest’s Zombie Apocalypse escape game, your medical office staff will be tasked with not just keeping themselves alive, but also in entering a secure facility, finding a cure and saving the world! Acting as a team and delegating roles, problem solving and working together are the only ways you’ll have to be successful. So if you think your medical office staff has what it takes to solve all the puzzles and get out alive, the Zombie Apocalypse game at Paranoia Quest is the perfect way to test their readiness for the end of days.

All the benefits, without a real zombie

Of course, it’s in jest that we pretend like Zombie Apocalypse is a training course for the real thing, but escape medical office games do bring office staff members closer together, providing a common problem to solve and encouraging teamwork. As summer days stretch into fall, a lot of office staffs, especially medical office staffs, are starting to drag, with a tough summer behind and a long fall ahead. As escape game is a perfect, fun team building activity that can whip any medical office staff back into fighting shape.

Call Paranoia Quest today!

If your medical office staff needs a refresher or simply a fun group activity, Paranoia Quest is just what the doctor ordered. And your escape game adventure doesn’t just need to be about zombies; both out Atlanta and Buford locations have plenty of fun options to choose from. No matter which location and game you choose, you are sure to have a blast at Paranoia Quest this Labor Day weekend. Give us a call at 678-828-4410 (Atlanta) or 678-288-6555 (Buford) or book your room online today. You probably didn’t ever think about it before, but aren’t you a little curious now? Could your medical office staff survive the zombie apocalypse? No time like the present to find out!

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