St. Pat’s Day Is Gone But Your Luck Doesn’t Have to Be

Good Guy Luck

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A Pinch of Good Luck

March and St. Patrick’s Day has so many different lucky charms, omens and ways to improve one’s luck. Many have heard of “the luck of the Irish” but where did that saying come from?

During the gold and silver rush years in the 19th century, a large number of the successful miners were of Irish decent. Over time, people associated the Irish with mining fortunes and eventually coined the term, “luck of the Irish”. In honor of the lucky month we thought we’d share with you a few ways to improve your luck. Looking at the escape percentages of our rooms, something tells us you might need all the luck you can get.

  • Hang a Horseshoe – when kept as a talisman above a doorway, a horseshoe will bring good fortune to those who carry it around.
  • Pick a Four-Leaf Clover – this plant usually has three leaves, making one with four rare and it is said to bring good luck to any who find one.
  • Carry a Rabbit Foot – believe the rabbit foot will bring good luck, fertility and a peaceful springtime.
  • Embrace the Birds – if you get a special surprise for the birds above don’t be so upset, this is a sign of good luck. It is believed money and luck are headed your way if you are the target of bird droppings.
  • Pocket a stick of cinnamon – the Irish believe that putting a stick of cinnamon in your wallet will lead to wealth and prosperity. If nothing else, you have a tasty treat to stir your drink with.

Make Your Own Luckluck_makeyourownluck

While many people believe carrying around rabbit’s feet and four-leaf clover will bring them luck in truth when it comes to a successful career, sometimes making your own luck is what works best. Check out these tips for making a bit of your own luck happen:

  • Network – Building a great network can help you both in your current and future positions. Reach out to people in your industry to share ideas. Ask for mentors, who can help you grow in your skills and provide ideas on solving problems. Don’t forget to use LinkedIn, it is the premier networking avenue.
  • Educate – One of the biggest mistakes for people in the workforce is thinking that they have reached the top and don’t need to continue learning. Some of the biggest CEOs in the world will tell that continued training and acquisition of new skills is crucial to success. 
  • The Right Place – You have heard the old saying about being in the “right place at the right time”. Who says you must be in the right place by accident? Want to write? Get your foot in the door of a marketing company as an admin, volunteer at a non-profit organization to do their blogging, hang out at the bookstore (learn what everyone’s reading) and join a writers’ group. Be in the right place at the right time and let the luck find youluck_4leafteam
  • Teamwork – Companies and management leaders with the best success have a great team behind them. But teams aren’t simply…luck of the draw. Team building is needed to create the best team and great assets for a company. And, what better way to inspire a great team than through a team building event at Paranoia Quest Escape the Room?

Test Your Luck

Once you’ve collected (or made) all the luck you can get, head to Paranoia Quest: Escape the Room and put it to the test. Grab your employees and plan a team building event; take on the puzzles and try to solve the mystery while exploring your team’s skills and creativity. See who really has “the luck of the Irish”, those who don’t may find themselves in the hands of a zombie.  Ready to book? Book online or call today to book a room at: (678) 828-4410

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