Impress Your Corporate Guests With Escape Room Atlanta

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Treat Your Corporate Guests to Something New With An Escape Room Atlanta

Offices seem to shudder at the thought of corporate guests entering the building. The sense of urgency and anticipation creep through every cubicle. Chatter spreads like wildfire. While everyone stays on top of their tasks, your job is quite easy – make sure everything runs smoothly once they arrive.  

The meeting has ended and they’re feeling of impressed. Your job is then to extend another opportunity to extend their pleasant stay with a unique experience. One that’ll leave a lasting impression. Most business professionals resort to simple wining and dining. Well you’re not like most business professionals are you? Paranoia Quest suggests a better idea. How about an Escape Room Atlanta

Liven Up Your Corporate Guest’s Visit with An Escape Room Atlanta  

Most business professionals stick to the status quo – early morning meetings, expensive, company-paid lunches and a day out on the golf course weeks later. While that does stick to a generic safe approach, corporate guests are exposed to these meetings regularly. You and your team must be the ones who stand out. While we recommend standing out with an Escape Room Atlanta, there are a few other ways to leave a lasting impression. Treat your corporate guests to these Atlanta-specific activities while you’re in downtown. 

Escape Room Atlanta - Corporate Lunch

  • Catch a Game – With a newly renovated Phillips Arena, an Atlanta Hawks game is a great way to impress and have a good time with your corporate guests. Phillip Arena’s new editions come with more generous concession prices and variety of affordable seating. The Mercedes-Benz Stadium houses the Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United. This is a perfect cap to an afternoon spent in an Escape Room Atlanta. 
  • Local Restaurants – Downtown is a hub for the Atlanta food scene. You and your corporate guests have an endless list of food genres before or after your Escape Room Atlanta visit. From American Style Sun Dial Restaurant & Bar to the Orient Express, there’s nothing you and your corporate guests won’t love.  
  • A Movie – This all depends on the time of year. Summer blockbusters are a great way to treat your corporate guests. Even better if the theatre serves food like many do in the Atlanta area.  
  • Don’t Putt Around – While we did mention golf as a go-to activity, there’s another way to change that up too. Head on over to Top Golf after your Escape Room Atlanta adventure. It’s another great way to stay cool and out of the Georgia heat without putting down too much green.  

Why An Escape Room Atlanta Will Build A Stronger Bond With Your Corporate Guests 

Escape Room Atlanta - Teamwork Icon The activities listed will help your corporate guest’s visit all worthwhile. However, an Escape Room Atlanta will help build an even stronger bond than your typical lunch. An Escape Room Atlanta offers excellent opportunities for you and your corporate guests to share problem-solving traits that can be used daily.   

  • Communication – Escape Room Atlanta is almost impossible without communicating effectively. It’s a innovative way of seeing how their team’s interact and how they interact with them. Plus, it can open new lines of communication by exposing new, unique traits of those who rarely interject.  
  • Decision-Making – Quick decisions. That’s what Escape Rooms are all about. It exposes those who are quick to jump and those who are more reserved. It can also bring those corporate guests out of their shell.  
  • Creative Thinking – With loads of clues, hints and scenarios, there’s plenty of space to think creatively. Escape Room Atlanta is a marvelous experience that pulls creative minds out to play without forcing it.  

What Escape Room Atlanta Has To Offer You and Your Corporate Guests  

Every corporate guest has their unique skills and preferences. That’s an important thing to consider when deciding which room will be the most memorable. There are a few different types of rooms that can any corporate guest. Here are the types of Escape Room Atlanta experiences you can provide your interviewees.  

  • Escape The Room - Zombie Zombies –Walking Dead fans? Old zombie movie fanatics? Either way, we’ve got just the rooms for them. We offer Zombie Apocalypse and even a LIVE Zombie Experience for those wanting a little more of a challenge. These rooms put your skills to the test and help make your corporate guest’s experience unique.  
  • Investigative – Most everyone has some sort of fascination with shows about solving crimes and escaping in time. In our Murder Mystery room, your interviewee(s) have been chosen to enter the Dreamscape of the victim and solve his mysterious murder – discovering his identity, the date of his demise, and who exactly is behind his murder. 
  • Jail Break – In this Escape Room Atlanta, your corporate guests have been arrested accidentally. Now that they have been locked in a local jail, they must find a way to make contact the government before anything else goes wrong. It appears that one of the guards is on their side, and he was able to disconnect the security cameras for them. The interviewee(s) have an hour to escape before a new guard arrives and the cameras come back on. Can they use their skills to escape in time? 

Frequently Asked Escape Room Atlanta Questions  

Whether you’ve been in an Escape Room Atlanta or heard about the experience, there’s bound to be some questions beforehand. Here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions: 

Escape Room Atlanta Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an Escape Room Atlanta? An Escape Room Atlanta is a physical adventure game where players try to solve riddles and puzzles in a certain time frame. Clues and hints are throughout each Escape Room Atlanta to help you escape in time.  
  • How Long Do Escape Rooms Last? Paranoia Quest’s rooms last 60 minutes. It can be much shorter, but that all depends on your ability to escape in time!  
  • How Many People Can Do an Escape Room Atlanta? We have a variety of options when it comes to groups! Whether it’s your friends and family or a team building event, there’s no limit on the fun you and your group can have. Some rooms offer 8 maximum while others offer 15 maximum!  

An Escape Room Atlanta Experience Is How You’ll Impress Your Corporate Guests  

Paranoia Quest offers many different Escape Room Atlanta Experiences for you and your corporate guests. It’s not only a great way to change up the typical corporate, but an even better way to build a long-lasting impression on your corporate guests. Book a time by contacting Paranoia Quest today at 678-828-4410. You can always book a time on our website; click here to book a room in Atlanta. Connect with us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on new escape rooms and more! 

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