How To Plan An ‘Out of The Box’ Corporate Holiday Party At An Escape Room Near Me


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An Escape Room Near Me: The Best Holiday Party Venue

For 12 months of the year, our busy lives seem to get the best of us. The daily grind of putting in a hard day’s of work week after week can become monotonous, but we thankfully have the holiday season to cap off the year with excitement, some well-deserved time off and reasons for celebration. Many corporations use this time to treat their employees to a memorable holiday party, but even those can get monotonous year after year. If you’re in the midst of planning a corporate holiday party, then an escape room near me is certainly the venue you’ve been looking for. It’s a venue that offers captivating activities while also being a breath of fresh air for your attendees.

Why An Escape Room Near Me Is Perfect For Your Office Holiday Party


Make this year’s corporate holiday party one to remember with a visit to Paranoia Quest. Paranoia Quest, which is an escape room near me, is an out of the box venue for a corporate holiday party because it offers team-building opportunities, has holiday-themed rooms and will keep your attendees engaged throughout the night.

escape-room-near-me-holiday-party Team-Building Qualities

Escape rooms are excellent team-building exercises because they require participants to work as a team to achieve a goal. Teams that successfully complete escape rooms have to utilize each participant’s capabilities to their advantage. To beat any escape room, teams must identify roles and communicate effectively. For this reason alone, hosting a holiday party for your office at an escape room near me fills two needs with one deed.

Themed Rooms

At Paranoia Quest, we have a brand-new quest, Who Stole Christmas, which is the perfect theme to kick off the holiday season. Our immersive rooms use story-telling aspects as well as elaborate, thoughtful set designs to give participants next-level experiences. From zombies to murder mysteries, our themed rooms are unique experiences that are sure to make a lasting impression on your attendees, which they will be talking about for weeks to come.

escape-room-near-me-holiday-escape-the-room Keeps Guests Engaged

A lot of corporate holiday parties are centered around a common activity like bowling. Attendees and come and go as they please, playing a game or two and then hitting the road. Party planners might struggle to keep attendees to stay until the end, so they resort to giving out door prizes at the end of the party to incentivize participants to stay throughout the event. However, the best way to keep everyone engaged is by visiting an escape room near me. Our thought-provoking and challenging quests will keep your attendees interested until the very end of your event.

Book At An Escape Room Near Me At Paranoia Quest

Are you looking for an out of the box venue for your holiday party? Look no further! At Paranoia Quest, we have two highly rated locations: Atlanta and Buford. Contact Paranoia Quest, an escape room near me, today at 678-828-4410 for our Atlanta location or 678-288-6555 for our Buford location. You can always book a time on our website; click here to book a room in Atlanta or click here to book a room in Buford. Connect with us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on new escape rooms and more.

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