Giving Dad The Ultimate Gift With An Escape Room Near Me

Happy Fathers Day

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Spending Father’s Day at an Escape Room Near Me

Our fathers are responsible for many, many things: yard work, house maintenance, your problems, and the list goes on and on. We tend to never really notice how much our dad’s do because of them being “fatherly obligations”. It’s time you show him how much you appreciate and care for him. Of course, we recommend stopping by an Escape Room Near Me, but we also have some other great ideas for you this Father’s Day.

How to Change Up Father’s Day With an Escape Room Near Me

Most fathers tend to love one thing more than most and that’s continuity. They tend to prefer doing the same things repeatedly without any shifts in scenery. However, the gesture of doing something new and different never goes to waste. The question is how can you change up Father’s Day this year? Sure, there are practical gifts and or home improvement gift cards, but that won’t cut it. How about an Escape Room Near Me?

An Escape Room Near Me and My Father’s Day Plans

An Escape Room Near Me helps make your Father’s Day plans unique. At Paranoia Quest, we offer the perfect Father’s Day Adventure for you and your family. With seven Escape Rooms available, there are plenty of options for your dad to enjoy!

Escape Room Near Me-zombie

  • Zombies – Does your dad like old zombie movies? Is he a huge Walking Dead fan? Either way, we’ve got just the rooms for him. We offer Zombie Hour, Zombie Apocalypse and even a LIVE Zombie Experience. These rooms are nothing less than challenging and different than your average Father’s Day plans.
  • Adventure – Who wouldn’t want to tap into their own Indiana Jones story? The Escape Room Near Me, The Dig helps you lasso in the opportunity to do just that. You and your dad are crunched for time as you’re trying to escape a Central American mine shaft before local authorities stop you in your tracks.
  • Investigative – Most fathers have some fascination with shows that are about solving crimes and escaping in time. This time, it’s you and your father trying to escape authorities before it’s too late. In Jail Break, a guard in the jail you are being held in has taken your side. However, you only have one hour before the cameras restart. Could you and your dad escape in time?

Other Ways to Shake Up Your Father’s Day with an Escape Room Near Me

Our father’s are always running. Whether they’re working, running errands or looking for the next project, they’re rarely sitting still. Father’s Day is the day to shake things up. There’s obviously an Escape Room Near Me, but Paranoia Quest has some other choices to pick from as well.

Escape Room Near Me - Dad and Son Laugh

  • Spa Day – We know what you’re thinking, but hear us out. Like stated, these men of wisdom are constantly running. Even if they’re retired, do you ever see them not getting into something? It’s important for them to have moments of full relaxation. Take the initiative and treat them to a day at the spa. It’s not “feminine”, it’s freeing. He’ll thank you later.
  • Brewery Tours – In the Peach State, there are over 30 local breweries in operation. That’s a perfect excuse to get out and try out some different tastes (responsibly). Sure, he may be faithful to the brand he’s been drinking since before you were born, but sharing your favorites is a great way to bond.
  • Outdoor Activities – Is your dad a hunter? Does he fish? A birdwatcher? Dad’s of all shapes and sizes love being outdoors in some form or another. Take this day, or weekend, to go on a trip. It can be just you two or have the whole family tag along. No matter the activity, the fresh air will do everyone some good and it shows your dad that you do care about his interests.
  • Cooking Class – We know your dad is probably a grill master, but there’s always stuff to learn about food. Does your dad have a sweet tooth? Take a baking class. Does he love traditional Oriental food? Search for local restaurants that offer those types of classes or special events.
  • See a ShowAtlanta is always hosting shows, concerts and events to take part in. Take your dad to see a tribute band that plays his favorite artist’s music. Maybe he likes comedy? Take him to a stand-up show. The live entertainment options are endless.
  • Game Night – The inverse of outdoor fun would be a night in with some fun and games. When’s the last time the whole family has touched a board game? Brush off the dust and tap into the old days with your dad. It may not seem like a lot, but that small decision can make for a much more memorable night.

An Escape Room Near Me is the Perfect Father’s Day Surprise

Father’s Day is a day solely dedicated to reminding us how important our fathers are. Taking the time to thank them and show them a good time is a small favor for the things they have done for you over the years. Paranoia Quest can help you and your dad enjoy Father’s Day with an Escape Room Near Me. Contact Paranoia Quest today at 678-828-4410 for our Downtown Atlanta location or 678-288-6555 for out Buford location. You can also book rooms through our website by clicking here. Connect with us on Facebook to stay-up-to-date on our new escape rooms and more.

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