5 Reasons to Make Your Game Night at an Escape Room Atlanta

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Switch Up Your Game Night at an Escape Room Atlanta

It’s time to roll the dice. Game night is supposed to be a break from routine, but when game night looks and feels the same time after time, maybe it’s time to change venue. Get into the game like never before by taking on an escape the room. Give your competitive side an outlet to shine at Paranoia Quest, an escape room Atlanta.

How Game Night at Our Escape Room Atlanta Will Be Your Group’s Best Decision Yet


1. Make Your Games Interactive

Some board games cause its participants to sit back and wait their turn, like a certain real-estate-based classic – cough cough. This can cause you to spend half of game night twiddling your thumbs, just waiting until it’s actually your chance to play. That’s not the case at an escape room. Every participant can play a role, whether that’s through finding clues, taking notes or cracking codes. From start to finish, escape rooms turn the dial up to 10, and everyone in your group will feel the intensity.

Escape_Room_Atlanta_Restaurant 2. The City’s Top Restaurants Will Cover Food

It was your turn to bring appetizers this go-around, but your deviled eggs didn’t go over so well last time. If you host a game night at Paranoia Quest, you don’t have to worry about putting hours into the kitchen – you can just enjoy the night out and gorge at some of Atlanta’s tastiest options.

3. Our Escape Room Atlanta has Games Everyone Agrees On

Just like scrolling through your streaming service for 30 minutes before finally deciding to binge-watch Friends for the umpteenth time, game night can sometimes turn into a quest to find the board game you’ll actually play, which can take up half the night. The only difference is that, at an escape room Atlanta, your friends won’t pick a game that gives you $200 every time you pass “go.” Unless you have four hours to a week to kill, this is more than enough reason to host your game night at Paranoia Quest.

Escape_Room_Atlanta_Winner 4. Everyone Can Be a Winner!

Every group of friends has that one competitively spirited person who turns absolutely sour after a crushing loss. The best part about an escape room is that it’s your team against the clock – time is your only opponent. If your team escapes the room within enough time, everyone on your team wins! Winning won’t be a walk in the park, though. Does your group of friends have what it takes?

5. Our Games are Re-Playable

Have you ever played a board game that simply has no re-playability? Going around the second time just isn’t the same, and your group is back at square one trying to figure out which game to play. At Paranoia Quest, we have multiple Atlanta escape rooms to choose from, and they’re sure to give your group a challenge.

Book Your Escape at Paranoia Quest – An Escape Room Atlanta

If you’re looking to give new life to your upcoming game night, then Paranoia Quest is just the place for you. Book a quest at Paranoia Quest, a highly rated escape room Atlanta. Give Paranoia Quest a call today at 678-828-4410 for our Atlanta location or 678-288-6555 for our Buford location. You can always book a time on our website; click here to book a room in Atlanta or click here to book a room in Buford. Connect with us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on new escape rooms and more.

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