Escape Room Gainesville for That Cool Wedding Proposal

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An Escape Room Gainesville for Your Wedding Proposal

Finding that special someone is always, well special! You want to spend every moment with them. Go on countless dates, trips and dinners. That’s when you begin to realize that you want something more with this special someone. Popping the question tends to be that next step! Of course there are many ways to ask the question, but how can you change it up? With an Escape Room Gainesville, that’s how! 

Ways to Brighten Your Proposal Up With an Escape Room Gainesville

The proposal is one of the biggest steps in any relationship. It has to be planned and thought out in great detail. Approaching your proposal can be difficult because not one proposal is the same. There are endless options on how you can make your proposal stand out, but how to narrow it down? Let an Escape Room Gainesville narrow down your proposal process with these five pointers.

  • Location, Location, Location – Like any wedding, the proposal location should be just as important. It can be a place you two have frequented or a place of great value. It could be the place you both told each other “I love you” or where the two of you met or had your first date. No proposal can begin without the best location in mind.
  • Ask ahead – Most people may thoroughly enjoy watching and seeing proposals. However, there are people who also like their personal lives to remain private. Testing the waters and seeing what your significant other is into would help your planning as well. An extravagant proposal can turn sideways quickly if they decide to stop mid-proposal.
  • Tap Into Your First Date – Think back on your first date. What did you eat? What song played while you both kissed, held hands or both really loved? Did you go to an Escape Room Gainesville? Taking those small, meaningful factors and placing them into your proposal will show them how much you really love them.
  • Get Family Into the Mix Asking for a blessing from their parents is always perfect fail-safe. Once that occurs, adding them into the proposal could make it all the more memorable. Of course, they wouldn’t be in every single step but including them at the big moment is a wonderful idea. Not only do they get to have that moment with you, but they also get surprised with their family being there to take pictures and remember the moment as well.
  • Pics or It Didn’t Happen – Hiring a professional photographer is a perfect plan for a couple reasons. They’re there to secretly capture and document that wonderful moment. Plus, in the heat of the moment, they may forget that there was a photographer present which means a perfect surprise gift later on.

Creative Proposals with an Escape Room Gainesville

Those tips can come in handy, but what if you’re still unsure? We recommend you give these creative proposals a thought before your trip to an Escape Room Gainesville.

  • Scavenger Hunt – Places clues throughout an elaborate scavenger hunt. Nothing too elaborate, but clues like “where we first kissed”, “where we sat on our third date”, etc.
  • Picnic – Maybe you both are outdoor fanatics and have been on many picnics. Make this one a little more memorable with wine, their favorite food and of course, the ring.
  • Holiday Miracle – Holiday time is already a spectacular time of year. Why not take it one step further and pop the question around the holidays? Turn the whole month into your anniversary month and it’ll make that time of year even more special.

The Ultimate Proposal at an Escape Room Gainesville

Paranoia Quest offers many different Escape Room Gainesville experiences for you and your wedding proposal! Our Buford location offers so many experiences to choose from—including Escape PlanZombie Hour, and Wonderland. With Wonderland being our newest edition, it is our pick for your proposal. Wonderland is frozen within time and has lost its morning, noon and night. With Alice nowhere to be found, it is now up to you and your team to get Wonderland back to working order. The thing is you must sneak into the clock tower quickly before Wonderland is stuck in this timeless world forever. You and your future bride/groom-to-be can help Wonderland and escape just in time to enjoy your engagement. 

Let Paranoia Quest help you plan your proposal today at 678-828-4410 for out Atlanta location or 678-288-6555 for our Buford location. You can always book a time on our website by booking a room at our Buford location. Connect with us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on new escape rooms and more.


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