Escape Room Ideas for Kids – Age Appropriate Options

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Escape Room for Kids: Ideas for Your Family

Escape rooms are some of the most rewarding bonding activities you can have with your kids. There’s nothing like the pride they’ll feel after solving a particularly challenging puzzle.  In the process, they learn valuable life skills like persistence, creative thinking, and teamwork. The key is choosing a suitable escape room for kids—difficult enough to challenge them but not too advanced to discourage them.  If you want to go on an escape room with your little ones but don’t know where to start, this article will get you going in the right direction. 

What is a Kids Escape Room?

First, let’s talk about standard escape rooms.  These are immersive, interactive experiences where the objective is to figure out how to get out of a locked room before time runs out. To do so, you’ll need to gather clues and items, solve puzzles, and unlock doors.  For kids, however, most escape rooms can be too challenging. They might also have intense themes like zombies and horror scenes not suitable for children.  That’s where a kid-friendly escape room comes in. These are more accessible versions of an escape room experience where the difficulty is better suited for younger kids’ capabilities. The themes are also more wholesome and even educational, featuring cute animals or cartoon characters.

Why Escape Rooms For Kids are Fun

Doing escape the room for kids is a rare activity that combines fun, critical thinking, social skills, teamwork, and bonding for the whole family. Kids can learn many things in escape rooms that can’t otherwise be taught in a traditional classroom.  For example, children need to use creative thinking and problem-solving skills to tackle more difficult puzzles. Plus, it can develop patience and persistence. Escape rooms are great for fostering teamwork and social skills as well. Unlike watching TV or playing in the park, escape rooms are a fully interactive experience that requires constant participation between you and your child. Most of all, escape rooms are unforgettable experiences for both you and your kids. They let you and your kids safely live through situations that you usually won’t experience in life.  You’ll even find yourself discussing your escape room sessions for days after—especially if you failed to escape! And as is the case with escape rooms, you’ll often start to think about how to do better on your next escape room adventure. As a result, the bonding for families doesn’t end once your time at the escape room is over. 

How to Find an Escape Room Kids at Any Age Will Love

To ensure the best experience for your kids, you need to be picky with your escape room. Age-appropriate themes are the best place to start. Choose escape rooms like you would a cartoon they’ll watch – no violence, shouting, or horror elements – and you should be fine. It’s also a good idea to stick with themes that your child will like. This will increase their  chances of participating fully in the experience.  For example, suppose your kids are into superheroes. In that case, they’ll surely have a blast in a superhero-themed escape room. Next, consider the difficulty of the room. You can base your decisions on the escape room age limit or difficulty rating, but these can be subjective.  Some escape rooms geared towards the younger crowd can also be challenging even for teens to solve. To better gauge difficulty, ask the game master about the room’s success rate or how many teams have broken out successfully.  If it’s excessively low, this can be a sign of a tough room. Of course, if your kids love a challenge and are already escape room veterans, then feel free to tackle these! When considering any escape the room age limit, you know your kids best. So, choose one you think will best suit their skills and interests. 

Escape Room for Kids FAQs

  • What’s the minimum age for kids doing escape rooms?

Escape rooms are ideal for kids at least 10-years of age. However, you’re the best judge of whether your child is ready to do an escape room, age notwithstanding. At the minimum, they need to follow directions, respect the rules, and treat the items and props with care. For the best experience, kids must be mature enough to solve puzzles patiently and work well with others.

  • Is it safe for my kids?

Despite the grim notion of being physically locked in, reputable escape rooms are perfectly safe experiences. If kids get scared, game masters are often on standby to help you out. Most operators, like Paranoia Quest, also clean and disinfect the rooms in between sessions to promote health and safety.

  • What happens if we can’t solve a particular puzzle?

For the best experience and satisfaction, you and your kids should solve the puzzles on your own. However, if a particularly challenging puzzle is hindering everyone’s fun, most game masters can throw in a subtle hint or two. Are you looking for a family-friendly escape room in Atlanta? Why not check out Paranoia Quest? We have various escape room ideas for kids that will keep them engaged and entertained. Visit us today! [/av_textblock] [/av_one_full] [/av_section]

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