Newest Escape Room in Buford Could Help Your Company Focus

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Preventing employee burnout should be a top priority in any workplace. It is important to understand that work can get overwhelming for employees, no matter what kind of business you run. When they become overwhelmed their drive, determination and productivity usually decrease. Part of being a good boss is being in-tune with your team and employees.

Burnout is defined as a state of exhaustion where one is cynical about the value of his/her occupation and doubtful about his/her ability to perform. It usually manifests in the form of anxiety, irritability, weight gain or loss, frequent absence and/or weak immune system.

What can lead to Employee Burnout?

  • Imbalance of Home and Work Life
  • Escape Room Burnout Workload
  • Lack of Incentives
  • Minimal Recognition or Feedback
  • Loss of Faith in Leadership
  • Communication Issues
  • Voice isn’t Being Heard
  • Role Ambiguity
  • Work Environment
  • Lack of Control

Demoting or firing burnt out employees only leads to more burnout. That person’s duties are now added to other employees’ plates, creating more stress and burn out. Burnout can lead to job withdrawal, lower productivity, ineffectiveness, decreased job satisfaction, reduced commitment to the job, greater personal conflict with colleagues, and disruption in coworkers’ job tasks. Don’t let employee burnout become a problem. Burnout is easy to prevent.

Tips for Addressing Burnout

Listen – Sit down and listen to what your employees have to say. They will appreciate your time and engagement and feel like their voice is being heard. Help when possible and get the root of the issues.

Be Fair and Flexible – Treat all employees the same. Preferential treatment causes a hostile work environment. Remember to be flexible on deadlines. If your employees tell you it is unrealistic, it probably is.

Have Fun – Keeping employees happy and in love with their job is important. Work on creating a positive work environment (stock the fridge, give them goodies and incentives, team building, lunch party, half-days etc.).

Recognize Success – Make every employee feel needed and valued. Unexpected recognition or feedback makes them feel good and boosts their drive.

escape room team building Keep Reasonable Hours – Make sure you stay in tune with your employees wants and needs. If they look exhausted or are falling behind – extended deadlines, give them a break and make sure they aren’t overworking.

Encourage Socializing – Make sure your team is talking and bonding. When they know and like each other they are more likely to enjoy work and be more productive and creative.

Paranoia Quest Can Help You Re-Focus

An escape room can help build team camaraderie. Leaders emerge and bonds are formed as the team works together to solve the mysteries and escape the room. Getting the team out of the office and into a fun, work-free environment where employees can be themselves, but work on a common goal which enhances team qualities. At Paranoia Quest, your employees will get a breath of fresh air and be provided an effective team building experience that will carry over into the workplace. Prevent employee burnout by calling us today at (678) 828-4410 or book online to schedule your team building corporate event.

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