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Working in a corporate environment isn’t always the most glamorous thing in the world. You show up at 8, pop your lunch in the office refrigerator and grab a seat in your cubicle next to your “Life’s a Beach” coffee mug and jar of pens. Your day of entering data into reports is broken up by trips to the coffee pot, the occasional meeting and polite chit-chat with co-workers you are friendly with but actually barely know. You roll with this routine five days a week, twelve months a year and eventually it can get old. Like, really old. What if, after being stuck in a corporate rut for who knows how long, you could spend an hour using your wits and instincts to survive a hellish world overrun with the living dead? With Paranoia Quest’s newest escape game, Zombie Hour, you and your co-workers can do just that, breaking the monotony with the kind of corporate team building people can actually get excited about.

Battling zombies with Janet from accounting

As much as the concept gets talked up in the business world, most corporate team building activities elicit little more than groans from the employees forced to take part in them. No one really wants to give up an entire weekend with their families to go sleep outside and do ropes courses with their fellow cubicle people. Most see corporate team building as wasting time better suited for getting work done or enjoying life outside the office, but Paranoia Quest’s escape room games break the mold in a few different ways:

  • An escape room game typically lasts about an hour, so the activity isn’t a major time infringement.
  • Escape room games force people to work together on a common problem, and this activity strengthens bonds between co-workers.
  • These games are an experience that is truly unlike any other form of entertainment.

Zombie Hour, our newest experience at the Buford location, has been called the best escape game ever by more corporate team building than a few attendees, and it is a perfect way to dive into the world of corporate team building. There isn’t much that brings co-workers closer together than trying to avoid being eaten alive, so expect new, genuine friendships to form after the game is complete. Do you think you and your team have what it takes to win?

Boost your corporate team building with Paranoia Quest

After surviving – or not – against a mob of zombies, a Monday morning at the office will feel a lot less blah. You still come in at 8, pop a lunch in the fridge and take your seat, but something is different. You now know the people in the next cube, just as you would a friend outside the office. And you actually do care that Amy, who helped solve the final riddle, is getting married and that Joe, the team’s leader, just bought a new car; you didn’t even know their first names until your time at Paranoia Quest. If corporate team building is what you are after, give our Buford location a call at 678-288-6555 or book a time online. The zombies will be waiting for you…

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