Can An Escape Room Near Me Bring My Management Team Together?

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Strengthen Your Team with an Escape Room Near Me

Being a part of a team can be a bag of mixed emotions. There could be excellent lines of communication among co-workers. On the other hand, the team may rarely connect and distance themselves from one another. This is not only crippling to current projects and deadlines, but it’s harmful to the outlook of the company. New hires and company veterans alike shouldn’t feel disconnected in the workplace. No matter the environment, how can the damage be repaired? How can I keep my team from disconnecting? Might we recommend an Escape Room Near Me with Paranoia Quest?

Ways to Bring Your Team Together with an Escape Room Near Me Team Building Escape Room Near Me - Team Desk Icon

Every Escape Room Near Me experience has a consistent theme – teamwork. Coming together and finding a solution in a small window of time takes diligent team communication. It’s your job to tap into your managerial skills and help the team bond and succeed. That of course means applying appropriate tactics to ensure successful team building.

  • Individual Strengths – No one person is the same as their fellow team member. Sure they may complete similar task in office, but they may approach every task with different mindsets. The same concept works in an Escape Room Near Me. One individual may be detail-oriented, but another may be a creative thinker. Some leaders think it’s alright to force each individual to have a solid line of thinking and “be like this”. Capitalizing on each individual’s traits and pairing them accordingly to one another is much more efficient solution.
  • Be Transparent – Letting your team have moments of independent thought is helpful in and outside of an Escape Room Near Me. If moments of frustration begin to occur, rally those individuals who are having a hard time communicating and find a common ground. This shouldn’t turn into a grade school “he said/she said” situation. Even under a time crunch, transparency will only provide benefits in the short and long term.
  • Have Their Back – In an Escape Room Near Me, it’s vital to have each other’s back. You’re all in it to win it. If an individual has a potential clue or idea that’ll work, don’t put it aside. Address it and include the rest of the group. That one little trick helps not only that one individual feel valued, but it shows that you have everyone’s back.
  • Incentive – The number one incentive in an Escape Room Near Me is to escape in time! However, there can be other ways to provide incentive outside of Paranoia Quest. Treat the team to a day out before the Escape Room Near Me. Maybe give everyone a “work from home” or off day before the Escape Room Near Me. Every individual responds to different incentives so make sure to dig and see what will benefit the group as a whole.

Build Culture – In-office, “spontaneous” team building exercises are obsolete. Building dynamics encourages open communication. It allows for team members to feel relaxed and willing to share rather than be reclusive. Xerox executive Anne Mulcahy states “Employees who believe that management is concerned about them as a whole person — not just an employee — are more productive, more satisfied, more fulfilled”. A great mindset to have before heading into an Escape Room Near Me.

Ways to Bring Your Team Together

Escape Room Near Me Experiences for Bringing Your Team Together

As mentioned, each individual may have a preference for their Escape Room Near Me experience. This is where surveying the group can help you decide accordingly. Plus, it’s a great way to gain insight into who works well with who based on their personal interests. There are a few different types of rooms that can appeal to all, but splitting up into separate teams gives that fun, competitive edge. Here are the types of Escape Room Near Me experiences you can provide your management team!

Escape Room Near Me-zombie

  • Zombies –Walking Dead fans? Loves old zombie movies? Either way, we’ve got just the rooms for them. We offer Zombie Apocalypse and even a LIVE Zombie Experience. These rooms are challenging and put your candidates’ skills to the test.
  • Investigative – Most everyone has some sort of fascination with shows about solving crimes and escaping in time. In the Murder Mystery room, your management team has been chosen to enter the Dreamscape of the victim and solve his mysterious murder – discovering his identity, the date of his demise, and who exactly is behind his murder.
  • Jail Break – In this Escape Room Near Me, your team has been arrested accidentally. Now that they have been locked in a local jail, they have to find a way to make contact the government before anything else goes wrong. It appears that one of the guards is on their side, and he was able to disconnect the security cameras for them. The team(s) have an hour to escape before a new guard arrives and the cameras come back on. Can they team up to escape in time?
  • Wonderland – At our Buford location, we over your team the chance to step into Wonderland. Time has stood still. The magical clock has malfunctioned. Wonderland is frozen within time and has lost its morning, noon and night. With Alice nowhere to be found, it is now up to you and your team to get Wonderland back to working order. The thing is your team must sneak into the clock tower quickly before Wonderland is stuck in this timeless world forever.

An Escape Room Near Me Will Only Make Your Team Stronger

Paranoia Quest offers unique Escape Room Near Me Experiences for you and your management team. It’s not only a great way to change up the workflow, but an even better way to build a connection throughout the team. Put your team to the test and book a time by contacting Paranoia Quest today at 678-828-4410 (Atlanta) or 678-288-6555 (Buford). You can always book a time on our website; click here to book a room in Atlanta or click here to book a room at our Buford Location. Connect with us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on new escape rooms and more!

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