Board Games That Can Enhance Your Escape Room Atlanta Experience

Board Game Escape Room

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Board Games and Your Escape Room Atlanta Experience

Growing up, we always found ways to have fun, remain entertained and constantly learn. During the summer months, outdoor activities were typically the  and ways to have fun like trips to the park, pool or amusement parks.  While outdoor activities are recommended, it can be hard to enjoy them with the summer heat. That’s where board games come in handy. That’s why Paranoia Quest suggests tapping into some board game playing mindset with an Escape Room Atlanta. These board games translate perfectly into one of our Escape Room Atlanta experiences.

Board Games and How They Help Your Escape Room Atlanta Trip

At Paranoia Quest, we’re focused on you and your friends having loads of fun. We also want you to prepare yourselves for your Escape Room Atlanta trip. One way to tap into your Escape Room mindset is by playing board games. What board games will help you the most? Well we’ve got that covered with these 5 games.

Board Game Escape Room - Chess

  • Chess – While not typically a crowd favorite, this game has always been a game of the mind. Chess takes a good bit of concentration and thinking ahead. With endless scenarios that can play out, this game helps build on your creativity. Plus, it’s not a one-sided game for your brain. It allows you to tap into both sides of your brain. It increases those problem-solving skills needed to break free from an Escape Room Atlanta.
  • Scrabble – We’ve all tapped into our personal vocabulary for this game before. Similar to chess, this game plays on your strategic thinking and planning. If you are equipped with certain letters that are crucial in winning, you play them. Same with mental clues and ideas for Escape Room Atlanta. Scrabble also helps you build social bonding. If playing teams, you’re able to come together and figure out the best choice.
  • Battleship – This two-person game is one of the most strategically intricate games. It is one of the most relatable games to any Escape Room Atlanta Unable to see your opponent’s ships and field you must rely solely on your strategic plan. You have to get in their minds and think about what is where and why. This applies directly to any of our Escape Rooms. Throughout each room are clues. You have to think things through and find those clues without any guidance. You and your team’s end goal is to escape on time by pinpointing the right clues just like Battleship.
  • Monopoly – We’ve all witnessed at least one Monopoly game going up in the air from frustration. However, this game does teach patience. It takes time and concentration to complete a Monopoly game. Plus, Monopoly requires in-depth thinking and being able to project your outcome. That is exactly what you need for an Escape Room Atlanta experience.

Reasons Why Board Games and Escape Room Atlanta Work Best For Your Brain

Those games are the perfect start to getting your head in the right space for a trip to Paranoia Quest. The board games help your mind before and after your Escape Room Atlanta experience. Here are some ways board games and Escape Rooms benefit your mind.

  • Increases Memory and Cognitive Function – No matter the Escape Room Atlanta, you and your group are to retain and memorize clues and ideas. That’s where board games can assist you with that. Board games strengthen and improve children’s cognitive skills as well as help stimulate adults. By exposing children to board games more often, they’re able to increase the memory and cognitive function. This then mean you and the children will want to take on other challenges like and an Escape Room Atlanta.
  • Stress Reliever – Board games and Escape Rooms are a great way to relieve any stress. Your phones are put away so there are no distractions. You’re locked in a room for a certain amount of time so your only option is to be in the moment. That allows you to be happily distracted and focused on escaping in time.
  • Builds Problem-Solving Skills – Trying to escape any situation will help improve your problem-solving skills. The objective of a board game is to win, but have fun willing doing it. The same goes for Escape Room Atlanta. Each room presents unique scenarios that call for different ways of solving them. By practicing and building your skills with board games, the Escape Rooms only become more achievable.

Your Escape Room Atlanta Experience

Escape The Room - Zombie

Paranoia Quest offers many Escape Room Atlanta experiences for you, your friends and your family! Our Downtown Atlanta location offers so many experiences to choose from—including Escape Plan, Murder Mystery, and two Zombie Escape Rooms. Our Zombie Apocalypse room finds you and your team being the only ones left to find the cure for the infected. You only have one hour to find the cure or you could be the next team to fall victim. Do you prefer a little more motivation? Then give our LIVE Zombie Room a shot!

Stop By Paranoia Quest for the Best Escape Room Atlanta Experience

An Escape Room Atlanta experience can only be enhanced with board game. Taking your strategic, board game mindset and putting it to the test with Paranoia Quest is a great way to stay cool this summer. Paranoia Quest can help you and your friends get a little more out of your summer with an Escape Room Atlanta. Contact Paranoia Quest today at  Downtown Atlanta location.You can also book rooms through our website by clicking here. Connect with us on Facebook to stay-up-to-date on our new escape rooms and more.

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