Beating Cabin Fever with a Mystery Escape Room Near Me

Mystery Escape Room Near Me

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Escape Your Confined Home to a Mystery Escape Room Near Me

The holiday season is always such a joy, but it can get the best of us. With extended family visiting from out of town and all the kids home from school, there’s only so much of the house we can take. Even after the break ends, the lingering effects of cabin fever begin to take their toll. If you’re just itching to get out of the house for a bit, ask yourself: “Is there a mystery escape room near me?” The answer is yes!

An Outing So Fun, You Won’t Want to Leave—But You Have To

Mystery Escape Room Near Me With an extended break, we can all get a bit irritated being trapped in the house. Before you crack like Jack Torrance, get out of the house for a fun outing—particularly a mystery escape room near me. With the new year brings on a new change of pace. You were dragged to a handful of holiday parties and family dinners—now, it’s time to have an outing you’re excited about. With the panic of the holidays and last-minute shopping behind you, de-stress by escaping the world in an escape room. Whether you round up a group of your closest buddies or load the family into the car, you won’t regret the bonding time escape rooms offer.

You’ve been cooped up streaming movies all break; well, it’s time for you to star in one. We’ve all watched a horror movie and yelled at the main character for clearly making an irrational, life-threatening decision. In an escape room, you can play that role and find out how you’d actually respond in a tense, high-pressure situation—like the plot of a horror film. Escape rooms are immersive and tell a pulsating story that will send chills up your arms while a bead of sweat drips from your forehead—can you escape in the time allotted? Escape the room. Escape reality. Hit the pause button on your winter break by delving into a mystery escape room near me. Even if you’re not looking for a remedy for cabin fever, your schedule is probably a bit more open now with December in the books. Do something memorable with your free time with booking an escape room.

mystery escape room near me_friends Where’s a Mystery Escape Room Near Me?

The mystery escape room near me you’re looking for is Paranoia Quest. With locations in Atlanta and Buford, we have so many experiences to choose from—including our all-new room, Escape Plan. Put your puzzle solving skills to the test and book a time by contacting Paranoia Quest today at 678-828-4410 for out Atlanta location or 678-288-6555 for our Buford location. You can always book a time on our website; click here to book a room in Atlanta or click here to book a room in Buford. Connect with us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on new escape rooms and more.

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