An Escape Room Near Me Asks “What Would You Do If The Zombie Apocalypse Happened Today”?


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Don’t Fall Or The Zombies Will Catch You at This Escape Room Near Me 

Summer has come and gone. That can only mean one thing – fall is here. Well, the summer heat is still alive and well, but it will soon pass. Fall is the time of year that seems to spark life into every individual. We start shaking the off dusty sweaters, breaking out leaf blowers, and sipping ever so cautiously on our pumpkin spice lattes.  

Here’s the thing – what if those fall festivities came to halt? What would you do if a zombie apocalypse happened right this moment?! Don’t panic, this Escape Room Near Me is here to help you prepare! 

Prepare For A Zombie Apocalypse with an Escape Room Near Me

If the Zombie Apocalypse happened right this moment, could you handle it? There’s a ton of things to consider when thinking about an apocalyptic zombie world. That’s why Paranoia Quest is the Escape Room Near Me that will help you get ready! First thing to help you get apocalypse ready – study up on zombie apocalypse pros from The Walking Dead. 

This October, The Walking Dead’s ninth season will be the last we see of Rick Grimes. While sad to see him go, it’s a time to recognize a true survivor. He’s one of the longest living survivors in the series. He’s had countless plans and tricks to escaping ravenous walkers. That’s why this Escape Room Near Me wants you to have the same tools at your disposal. Check out these Walking Dead like tips for your apocalyptic game plan.   Escape-Room-Near-Me-Prepare

  • Keep Your Head On Straight – It’s a zombie apocalypse, of course you’re bound to panic. That shouldn’t mean you panic non-stop; keep a clear head. Plus, if you’re in a group, it helps motivated others if you’re level headed. If you’re panicky, that could result in danger for you and the group
  • Be Present – Unlike The Walking Dead, we’ve all heard of zombies. Therefore, the media will be flooded with coverage and “advice” on the apocalypse. Staying connected is a great way to remain safe. Plus, it’s a (zombie) killer way of figuring out your game plan ahead of time or at least by a few hours.  
  • Tools and Weapons– The thought of using a weapon can bother some individuals. However, it is in fact a zombie apocalypse, so you shouldn’t feel too bad about taking out some of the walking dead. Weapons are meant to keep you safe and the tools are there to help you adjust to your surroundings. Also, this Escape Room Near Me believes that anything can be a weapon during the apocalypse.  
  • Think Outside The Box – You’ve got your plan set in place: where to get supplies, your hideout(s), and what have you. You’re ready to take on each zombie you encounter. Here’s where you’re wrong. Everyone is going to head to their local retail superstores and gun stores for supplies. You must think harder than that and find ways to be an outlier. This is a time where you don’t need to run with the crowd.   
  • Forage Food And Water – While steering clear of apocalyptic hot spots, food and water are important to survival. Stocking up and finding ways to forage these fuel sources is vital to surviving. It gives you life and strength to fight those less fortunate (the walkers). 
  • Don’t Be A Loner – Sure, there’s no one to slow you down or fight. You can come and go as you please. That’s not necessarily good to be a loner this time. Having others to support, teach and guide you is beneficial to survival.  
  • Stay Close To Home – Venturing out may seem like the best idea when things get tough. That’s not in your best interest. You’re familiar with home. If you decide to see what it’s like out beyond your comfort zone, that will only put you at a disadvantage. Don’t corner yourself into somewhere unknown; stick it out on your home turf.  

Zombie Apocalypse Prep with an Escape Room Near Me  Escape-Room-Near-Me-Zombie

“You’re knee deep in government security with a horde of zombies beating on the walls and doors. If it doesn’t feel like the odds are already stacked against you, there’s a bigger problem at hand – you’re not welcome here. You don’t have government clearance. Contact was lost a month ago and someone’s got to get into that building and get the cure for the disease that’s ravaging the world.” 

That’s what this Escape Room Near Me prepares you for. Our Zombie Apocalypse room prepares you and your apocalyptic team for surviving the zombies. You’re only given 60 minutes to break free from this apocalyptic insanity. Do think that’s enough of a “real” challenge? Then give our LIVE Zombie room a try. It’ll grab a hold of you and pull you in if you’re not careful.  

Escape Room Near Me FAQs

What is an Escape Room Near Me?

An Escape Room Near Me is a physical adventure game where players try to solve riddles and puzzles in a certain time frame. Clues and hints are throughout each Escape Room Near Me to help you escape in time.   

How Long Do Escape Rooms Last?

Paranoia Quest’s rooms last 60 minutes. It can be much shorter, but that all depends on your ability to escape in time!   

How Many People Can Do an Escape Room Near Me?

We have a variety of options when it comes to groups! Whether it’s your friends and family or a team building event, there’s no limit on the fun you and your group can have. Some rooms offer 8 maximum while others offer 15 maximum!   

Prepare for Zombies with an Escape Room Near Me 

Paranoia Quest offers many different Escape Room Near Me Experiences for you and your now prepared apocalyptic fighters. Prepare your group for the Zombie Apocalypse by booking a time or  contacting Paranoia Quest today at 678-828-4410. You can always book a time on our website; click here to book a room at an Escape Room Near Me. Connect with us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on new escape rooms and more!  

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