5 MUST Know Things About Going To An Escape Room In Atlanta

6 Must Know Things - Paranoia Quest

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Try Something New with An Escape Room In Atlanta  

You, your family and friends have all been on the lookout for something new and exciting. You’re all bored with the same old activities: dinner, movie or a show. You’ve searched and searched and no luck. That is, until you stumbled upon an Escape Room In Atlanta! You’ve heard all about them, but stuck to the usual. It’s time to break away from the usual! Before doing that, Paranoia Quest is sure you have some questions about an Escape Room In Atlanta. Let us help you with that!  

5 Must Know Things About An Escape Room In Atlanta  

When you’re trying a new activity for the first time, questions are bound to arise. Sometimes, it can be confusing when you see different approaches to an Escape Room. However, Paranoia Quest makes it simple, fun and exciting for you and your guests.  

Here are the 5 must know things before tapping into your Escape Room In Atlanta experience.  

6 Must Know Things - Paranoia Quest

  • Work Together – We’ve all seen Scooby-Doo and shows alike that split up to solve the mystery. In an Escape Room, that’s not the best idea. There needs to be a game plan on how the team is going to work together. This excludes “bunching up”. When finding clues, this “bunching” around a clue or hint slows down the process. There are multiple clues throughout each room. Spreading the team apart is the best kind of team work in this situation.  
  • Verbalize What You Find – The objective of an Escape Room In Atlanta? Finding all the clues in a timely manner. If you find the clues and keep them to yourself, that’s not efficient. Speak up when you’ve found clues or hints! It’s about teamwork, not who can find the most clues. This also helps if clues are relative to one another. For example, you’ve found part of a code to a lock. Other group members may have found the other piece. Verbalize! It’ll only increase your chances.  
  • Dress Appropriately – Your attire can make or break your Escape Room In Atlanta experience. Sure, costumes and outfits that mirror the themed room are welcome. However, comfortable clothes are always the way to go. You feel more relaxed and are willing to get “down and dirty” when searching for clues.  
  • Look For Obvious Clues First – Sometimes the hints and clues are right in front of you and your group. Just because it is in fact an Escape Room In Atlanta does not mean every clue involves flipping the room upside down. Be diligent when first getting started. Finding the obvious clues first can only speed up your chances. Plus, it helps clear up potential locations of harder clues.  
  • Give In To The Fun – We all get a little frustrated under pressure sometimes. That’s normal! Especially when you’re on the clock. Don’t let that hold back your experience. Come in with an open mind and a willingness to win!

Escape Room In Atlanta Rooms You Can Enjoy 

With all of those 5 Must Know Things in mind, we recommend taking things to the next level with an Escape Room In Atlanta. Escape Rooms, like we’ve shown, take a certain set of skills. Having a diverse group tag along and experience the Escape Rooms with you can only increase your chances. With different rooms available, your group has a variety of options that will fit the group’s preferences.  Escape Room Near Me-zombie

  • Zombies – For those who love The Walking Dead or old zombie movies, the following rooms are for you and your friends. Paranoia Quest offers Zombie Apocalypse and even a LIVE Zombie Experience. These rooms are the ultimate challenge for you and your group! 
  • Investigative – Getting your friends or family into the investigator mindset is a much more exciting experience than a movie. In the Murder Mystery room, your group has been chosen to enter the Dreamscape of the victim and solve his mysterious murder – discovering his identity, the date of his demise, and who exactly is behind his murder. 
  • Jail Break This Escape Room In Atlanta has your group being arrested (accidentally). Now that they have been locked in a local jail, they must find a way to make contact the government before anything else goes wrong. It appears that one of the guards is on their side, and he was able to disconnect the security cameras for them. The teams have an hour to escape before a new guard arrives and the cameras come back on. Can you and your group escape in time?

Escape Room In Atlanta FAQs  6-Must-Know-Things-About-An-Escape-Room-In-Atlanta-FAQ

What is An Escape Room In Atlanta – “Escape Room” may seem self-explanatory, but let’s touch on the basics. An Escape Room In Atlanta is an experience where you and your group have a set time to decode clues, find hints and escape before the clock expires. You are given an hour to complete each Escape Room. Work with the clock, not against it. 

How Long Do Escape Rooms in Atlanta Last? Paranoia Quest’s rooms last 60 minutes. It can be much shorter, but that all depends on your ability to escape in time!   

How Many People Can Do an Escape Room In Atlanta? We have a variety of options when it comes to groups! Whether it’s your friends and family or a team building event, there’s no limit on the fun you and your group can have. Some rooms offer 8 maximum while others offer 15 maximum!   

How Much Is An Escape Room In Atlanta? Each room varies, but the starting price per person is $33. Certain rooms, like the Escape The Room: LIVE Zombie offer group pricing.   

Change Things Up With An Escape Room In Atlanta 

Paranoia Quest offers many different Escape Room In Atlanta Experiences for you, your friends and family. It’s not only a great way to change up the usual, but an even better way to build long-lasting memories. Put your friends and family to the test and book a time by contacting Paranoia Quest today at 678-828-4410. You can always book a time on our website; click here to book a room at an Escape Room In Atlanta. Connect with us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on new escape rooms and more! 

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