Escape Room Near Me Shares The 5 Most Famous Escapes in History

5 of The Most Famous Escapes - Empty Jail Cell Escape

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An Escape Room Near Me Takes You Back In Time  

Throughout history, there have been major events that completely shifted the course of time. Moments that sparked revolutions and resolutions. Other moments were merely pop culture. Some of these moments slipped through the radar. They escaped our minds. At this Escape Room Near Me, we’re focused on uncovering the most memorable moments in history – famous escapes!  

History’s Most Famous Escapes With Escape Room Near Me  

We’ve all witnessed classic escapes on the big screen. Convicts, prisoners and other escapees take on each obstacle with ease. Whether they cut through bars, dig holes or befriend guards, they find a way. However, these scenarios seemed merely fictional. They do however mirror stories from years past. Let this Escape Room Near Me show you 5 of the greatest escapes in history.  Escape Room Near Me Shares The 5 Most Famous Escapes in History - Prisoner Running From Guard

  • Catch Me If You Can – Before the age of 18, Frank Abagnale Jr. had become a doctor, lawyer and co-pilot. He had clocked in over 1,000,000 miles as a Pan-Am co-pilot by simply sitting in the spare seat of the cockpit. After being caught, he was transported to a detention center to serve his 12-year sentence. The Marshall who was transporting Frank had forgotten his papers. He took that opportunity to persuade the guards into thinking he was an undercover prison inspector. They took the bait. Shortly after, he had conned a friend into creating fake business cards and said he needed to speak with the FBI agent (his friend). The guards called, and his friend said Frank needed to her outside the jail. It worked.  
  • Escaping Alcatraz – The name that we’ve all come across. A maximum-security prison that sits on a small island right outside San Fransisco. In 1962, Frank Morris and the Anglin Brothers were guilty of countless crimes such as robbery and theft. They could not stand the confides of the claustrophobic cells. The three men left behind dummy bodies, cut through ceiling walls, and crawled through the ventilation.  Scaling the fence, they then fashioned a raft from raincoats and contact cement. Though never found, an FBI investigation had concluded their death in the San Fransisco Bay.  
  • The Flying Friend – This French criminal evaded prison not once, but twice by helicopter. Pascal Payet’s first theatrical escape came in 2001. He arranged for his friends to land on the roof of a small village prison. Years later he returned and helped three others escape. In 2005, he was arrested for murder and sentenced to 30 years. He managed to slip free again in 2007 during Bastille Day by hijacking yet another helicopter.    Escape Room Near Me Shares The 5 Most Famous Escapes in History - 2 Escapees
  • The Maze Escape – The largest prison break in U.K. history. A group of 38 Irish Republican Army (IRA) men managed to take control of H-7 Block in “escape-proof” Maze prison. They were able to smuggle weapons into the prison and hold the lone guard at gunpoint. From there they coerced a driver into driving through the gates while there were several prisoners disguised as guards. While exiting the truck, some assaulted guards, some were captured and some simply escaped. Years after the event, many of the escapees returned to prison for similar crimes. 
  • Life-saving Escape – Alfréd Wetzler changed the lives of over 140,000 Hungarian Jews. He escaped the Nazi death camp Auschwitz with a fellow inmate in April of 1944. The two of them hid in tobacco and gasoline-soaked wood piles that were fuel for guard dogs. After spending four nights under the wood piles, they journeyed over 80 miles to the nearest Polish border. He had a detailed report on the camp’s structure, gas chamber structure and a label from the chemical used to take those innocent lives. He and his fellow inmate changed the course of history.  

Mastermind Skills You Need For Escape Room Near Me  

Each story has a unique outcome. However, they do all have common factors that make escaping possible. Those skills can help you break free of an Escape Room Near Me too! Here are four skills you can tap into when trying to escape in time.    Mastermind Skills You Need For An Escape Room Near Me - Infographic

  • Resourceful – No criminal or hero escaped a situation without tapping into their surroundings. The same goes for an Escape Room Near Me! Clues and hints are a plenty and you need them to find a way out.  
  • Friendly – Whether you’re escaping with friends old or new, it always plays well to be friendly. Being frustrated and standoffish creates friction and postpones escaping. Be polite, understanding and friendly to those with you. They’re trying to escape just as quickly as you. 
  • Awareness – There can be an overwhelming feeling of panic if not familiar with an Escape Room Near Me. Simply being aware of surroundings, clues, and interactions can only make the experience smoother. Possibly even quicker!  
  • Timely – Time is regularly involved when there’s a plan to escape a situation. Watch the clock intently, but not let it hinder the process. Delegate yourself or a group member to keep everyone updated on the progress.  

Putting Those Skills To The Test With Escape Room Near Me  

Those escape skills are crucial when visiting an Escape Room Near Me. Now it’s time to see how you put those to the test with an Escape Room Near Me! Here are some of the experiences you can give a try! 

  • Zombies –Walking Dead fans? Loves old zombie movies? Either way, we’ve got just the rooms for them. We offer Zombie Apocalypse and even a LIVE Zombie Experience. These rooms are challenging and put your candidates’ skills to the test. 
  • Investigative – Whether it’s solving TV crimes or researching actual crimes, investigating is always fun. In the Murder Mystery room, you’ve been chosen to enter the Dreamscape of the victim and solve his mysterious murder. 
  • Escape Plan – In this Escape Room Near Me, you’ve been arrested accidentally. Now that you’ve been locked in a local jail, you must find a way to contact the government before anything else goes wrong! 

Escape Room Near Me and Your Escape From The Norm 

Paranoia Quest offers unique Escape Room Near Me Experiences for you take on your own escape plan! Put your mastermind to the test and book a time by contacting Paranoia Quest today at 678-828-4410 (Atlanta) or 678-288-6555 (Buford). You can always book a time on our website; click here to book a room in Atlanta or click here to book a room at our Buford Location. Connect with us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on new escape rooms and more! 

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