Paranoia Quest can be described as the leading destination in the whole Buford area for Corporate Team Building. It has exciting and unique escape rooms that can be used to effectively build corporate teams. This is because its escape rooms need every element of teamwork such as collaboration, communication, problem-solving skills, keen observation and much more. These are all essential team building skills that are required to beat the clock in escape room Smyrna, thus making it ideal for team building. Paranoia Quest is the first escape attraction in all of Atlanta and it is conveniently located close to Philips Arena and CNN Center.


There are many benefits of attending escape room Smyrna by Paranoia Quest, the notable ones include the following:

  1. It helps corporate organizations discover some of the hidden skills and talents of their staff.
  2. It helps corporate groups work in unison.
  3. It benefits corporate groups in that they learn more about one another.
  4. It significantly helps in strengthening the working relationships of corporate groups.
  5. Escape room Smyrna functions to build both group and individual confidence.

The benefits listed above are not exhaustive because escape room Smyrna is very effective in building corporate groups in totality and this positively reflects in the office as productivity will greatly increase. Corporate groups do not have to go for a church field trip Smyrna to facilitate positive team Building Smyrna as there are other interesting activities.

Why trust them

There are a good number of reasons why the exquisite team building services offered by Paranoia Quest through escape room Smyrna are trustworthy, the main ones include the following:


Paranoia Quest offers its esteemed clients several comprehensive services that are better than just going for a church field trip Smyrna. They are as follows.

Corporate events

It has corporate team Building Smyrna exercises which focus on time management, conflict resolution and critical thinking skills that are a necessity to succeed in the business environment today. It is characterized by challenging activities that uncover certain personality and behavioral styles that are revealed from normal daily routines thus enabling the team to know each other better.

Fun date night out

This is an incredible group activity that friends can participate in by booking a room with Paranoia Quest. You can book an escape room with your friends before heading out to watch a movie or bar for drinks. Escape room Smyrna is indeed a fun date night Smyrna that will be engraved in your memories for a long time to come.

Birthday parties

The birthday parties held at Escape the Room in Buford are bound to create fun and lasting memories. There is even a unique Birthday Special on offer for groups with 5 or more guests where the birthday celebrator gets a free ticket. The birthday person together with his/her guests are locked up in a room and have a unique mission complete. They are provided with 60 minutes to solve the puzzles, crack the riddles and work together to escape.

Area dining

There are interesting and high quality dining areas such as Dania’s Restaurant & Lounge, Anatolia Cafe and Hookah Lounge, Thrive, Glenn’s Kitchen, Hudson Grille at Philips Arena and Ted’s Montana Grill. There is good food and refreshing drinks to enjoy in all of these dining areas.


Groups can take beautiful pictures at escape room Smyrna by Paranoia Quest.

Graduation parties

Graduations are milestones and Paranoia acknowledges this. Its escape rooms provide a unique way to celebrate this accomplishment as it creates lasting memories and problem-solving skills for family and friends.


The following are the available packages:

It is important to note that there is an option for a custom package if desired by interested clients.


Paranoia Quest has 2 locations: one in Downtown Atlanta Location and a Mall of Georgia Location. Make your escape room bookings today by selecting one of the four packages on offer.


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