Escape room Decatur by Paranoia Quest is specifically designed for team building and corporate events. Its concept is based on Plato’s philosophy that states you can learn more about a person in one hour of play than you can in one year of conversation. It achieves this via the various escape rooms it has designed. Paranoia Quest believes that these escape rooms offer more than just a unique way to build a corporate team. This is because it provides many other benefits.


The escape rooms of Paranoia Quest are unique and provide all participants a thrilling experience. These rooms are associated with numerous benefits, the main ones are listed below:

  1. It is the ideal place for clients to gain all important team building skills. These are skills such as problem-solving, collaboration, keen observation, communication etc. These are effectively ingrained in all the participants because they are a requirement if they are to compete with time.
  2. The escape rooms offered by Paranoia Quest are a good way for corporate groups to make their working relationship much stronger.
  3. Clients who enter escape rooms leave with greater individual confidence as well as group confidence. Confidence is key to success in the work environment and even for personal growth.
  4. The escape rooms have been found to be exemplary for helping groups to work together towards a common goal.
  5. Corporate groups significantly benefit from escape Room Decatur by learning more about each as they perform the challenging activities together.
  6. One of the best advantages that can be derived from escape room Decatur especially by corporates is to discover hidden skills and talents that a particular corporate staff possesses. This talent and skill discovery increases skill sets as well as productivity for corporate organizations, and this ultimately translates to better profits.

Reasons to use services

There are many reasons why clients should trust and consequently use the team building and corporate event services that Paranoia Quest has an offer, the notable reasons are:

Testimonials are a powerful tool for all goods and services. This fact means that Escape room Decatur by Paranoia Quest provides clients with working solutions for the purpose of team building and corporate events.


Paranoia Quest offers more than just fun school field trips and fun birthday parties, and those services are listed here:

  1. Graduation parties. You only graduate once, and the team at Paranoia Quest have organized escape rooms just for this purpose. All members of family and friends can have a thrilling experience in the escape rooms. There is no better way to celebrate graduation than to visit escape room Decatur and benefit from its problem-solving skills as well as to create amazing memories.
  2. Pictures. Clients are allowed to take beautiful and long lasting pictures at the premises of escape room Decatur for record keeping.
  3. Area dining. Clients who want to visit the escape rooms can enjoy an array of tantalizing meals and fresh drinks at one of several dining areas like Ted’s Montana Grill, Dania’s Restaurant and Lounge, Hudson Grill located at Philips Arena, Anatolia Café and Hookah Lounge, Glenn’s Kitchen and Thrive.
  4. Fun night out. Close friends who are looking for a fun activity to do can book an escape room at Paranoia Quest to put their friendship to the ultimate test.
  5. Birthday parties. Clients can have a fun birthday party Decatur at the escape rooms. There are party event specialists that are just a call away to help with the arrangements. The participants of the fun birthday party are locked away in an escape room and provided with a unique mission to complete. The thrill such birthday parties can provide even exceeds that of a fun school field trip Decatur.
  6. Corporate events. Escape room Decatur is the perfect place for a fun corporate event Decatur because they are good activities for corporate groups to participate in for their betterment.


Look no further than escape room Decatur for your fun corporate event Decatur. Book one of the interesting team building packages today to experience the fun and learning.


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