In just a few years the escape room industry has spread from its origins in Japan and now it is a global activity. The popularity of this outdoor activity in an era of increased virtual and online presence can only be attributed to the unique challenges it poses to the players. The players locked in a room, they are then required to use clues in the room to escape within a specified period of time.

escape room Dacula

Paranoia Quest offers the best escape room experience. Our escape rooms are carefully constructed and made in a way that will test the physical and mental abilities of your whole team. The clues are carefully crafted and placed to ensure that once you and your team are locked in the room you will need to work together in order to escape.

Our Rooms

We have a wide range of escape room some of which have been expounded below to give you an idea of what we have to offer.

Zombie Apocalypse

In the midst of a worldwide zombie apocalypse, you have to break into a government laboratory that houses the last hope of a cure. You have to then finish the research and send the results to the rest of the world. All this should be done within an hour after which the building will be filled with poison gas.

Area 51

You and your team have secretly broken into a covert government research facility to uncover the truth about a string of mass deaths at other facilities and their subsequent cover-ups.

Murder Mystery

You get to enter into a murder victims dreamscape. Here you only have an hour to solve the murder and uncover the murderer’s identity. Fail to achieve this goal and you will remain trapped in the victim’s dreamscape. Forever!

Escape Plan

Having traveled to a foreign country you and your team are wrongfully arrested and jailed. You have to use everything you and your team have to escape from jail within an hour.This package lets you experience the thrill of a jailbreak.

Pocket Universe

We also have some futuristic virtual escape rooms with our Pocket Universe package. It has Five escape rooms in varied settings for ultimate fun. Here you escape reality and face different challenges with our virtual reality headsets.

There are lots of other rooms for you to chose from. Some even have live actors to add to the experience.

Paranoia Quest escape rooms are the perfect way to spend some quality time with friends, family and coworkers. We have packages for everyone. From gamers and geeks, travelers and tourists, and fun date nights to corporate events for office and company team building. We also have a birthday party package if you want to do something different, challenging and memorable. Fun night out for those who are looking for an hour of fun and mystery before you hit the town or go to the theatres to watch a movie. An hour in one of our escape rooms will definitely ensure your night starts out on a high note. .Basically, if you are looking for a good time come to Paranoia Quest. For those who would like to have a fine meal before or after going through our escape rooms, there are hotels, cafes and restaurants close to our escape rooms. After all, nothing beats good food to prepare for a challenge, or a celebratory ice cream after breaking our time records.

At the escape room, you will meet our staff. They are a happy and friendly bunch and will deal with any concerns you might have immediately. Our crew is the best in the game. Not only are they qualified in all aspects of the escape room industry but they have gained years of valuable experience over the period of our existence. If you and your team are unable to escape the room they will come in and walk you through the stages that you were unable to figure out. They explain the clues and how to decipher them. This way you are sure to leave with a wholesome experience.

The new Paranoia Quest in Dacula will bring all these attributes with it. If you are a member of Dacula county, traveler or tourists you are welcome to try our escape rooms. You might even break the records that have been set at our other locations. And even if you don’t you will still enjoy the challenge and good time that comes with our escape rooms.


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