Rekindling romance with spouses vs. zombies in Atlanta

Upset Spouse or Zombies In Atlanta, You Decide

As a married couple, there are a lot of things you can do in Atlanta to rekindle that old spark. You can attend a show at the Fox Theatre, browse around the HIGH Museum or even take a shopping trip to Atlantic Station. For spouses, the day-to-day grind of working, living, paying bills and, for some, parenting, has a way of grinding down the magic and romance in a relationship. And while traditional ideas for rekindling romance are over the city, have you ever considered battling zombies in a war for survival? Ten years ago, most would have said no, but with zombies everywhere in our culture today, surely more than a few have considered it. Why not give it a try? Its spouses vs. zombies in Atlanta at Paranoia Quest! Read more

Could your medical office staff survive the zombie apocalypse?

When you think about your medical office staff, the first question that jumps to mind probably isn’t, “Hmm… I wonder if they could survive a zombie apocalypse?” Well, that probably isn’t the first question that comes to mind if you aren’t a total psychopath, so most people won’t fit into that category and medical offices can go years, even decades, without someone wondering if its team members could pull through an onslaught of the walking dead. But, if you oversee or are a part of a medical office team, I bet you are wondering about it now, aren’t you? Admit it; you are. Well, aside from ending the world yourself, there is one way to find out – Zombie Apocalypse escape room at Paranoia Quest’s Atlanta location! Read more