Could your medical office staff survive the zombie apocalypse?

When you think about your medical office staff, the first question that jumps to mind probably isn’t, “Hmm… I wonder if they could survive a zombie apocalypse?” Well, that probably isn’t the first question that comes to mind if you aren’t a total psychopath, so most people won’t fit into that category and medical offices can go years, even decades, without someone wondering if its team members could pull through an onslaught of the walking dead. But, if you oversee or are a part of a medical office team, I bet you are wondering about it now, aren’t you? Admit it; you are. Well, aside from ending the world yourself, there is one way to find out – Zombie Apocalypse escape room at Paranoia Quest’s Atlanta location! Read more

Hosting a teen birthday party that breaks the norm

Teenagers are, and have always been, a difficult bunch to understand. They can be impulsive, moody, obnoxious, entitled… think of a negative adjective and you can bet a teenager has embodied it at some point. Seeing as they tend to be the most difficult to please demographic, what can you, as a parent, do for a teen birthday party that won’t elicit groans and eye rolls? When they are too old for Chuck E. Cheese and not yet old enough for the neighborhood bar, what is your teen birthday party solution? Paranoia Quest’s escape games, of course! Read more

Inspiring your marketing team with a Buford escape game

More than any other department, your marketing department needs to be working at 100 percent efficiency. If no one is getting the word out about your product or company, you aren’t making any money. Your marketing department tends to be made up creative people, and these people can often and easily get burnt out on coming up with new pitches, ideas and devices for making you and your company the money you need and deserve. So what can you do, as a business owner, to keep these people fresh, engaged and productive? Have you thought about inspiring your marketing team with a Buford escape game? Probably not. Maybe now is the time to consider some team building with an escape game from Paranoia Quest! Read more

Come experience the end at Apocalypse Hour in Buford

Has the day-to-day grind gotten you down? Getting up, going to work, making dinner and going to bed, only to repeat the whole thing the next day turning into a routine you feel like you’ll never escape? It’s time for a “grass is greener” moment; Paranoia Quest’s new escape game, Apocalypse Hour, is ready to show you just how nice you have it as the end of times hovers just over the horizon. Come and experience Apocalypse Hour in Buford and you’ll see that today’s work-a-day world is actually pretty nice. Read more

Use team building to beat the summertime blues

The summer has officially begun and while the kids are off school and playing in the pool, you and your team are still reporting to the office every weekday. You’ve probably caught staff members staring longingly out the window, and you may have even been guilty of that yourself. So as the weather keeps getting nicer and everyone is wishing more and more they were outside instead of in front of a computer, you will need something to keep your team energized. Normal team building exercises are played out and lame, so what can you do to keep morale high while everyone only wants to be outside? The answer is easy: one of the escape games from Paranoia Quest is sure to re-energize your flagging team and give everyone a nice break from the mundane. Read more

College Bonding Through Escape Room Fun

College Awaits, Let’s Have Fun

High school goes by fast doesn’t it? One minute you’re worried about your algebra exam and the next minute you are walking up to shake hands and get your diploma. And then comes college, which is often the toughest time yet. You are forced to move into a new place to live with strangers, to make new friends and do things completely on your own. Breaking the ice can be tough, but one shared group activity has been shown to strengthen bonds and cement lifelong friendships – gathering the crew for an escape game at Paranoia Quest! Read more