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What to do in Atlanta for an Experience that you’ll Never Forget

Are you a new resident of this gorgeous southern town of Atlanta, Georgia? Or are you just in on a visit? It doesn’t really matter because Atlanta has things to do that would keep you busy for the rest of your life. You could literally walk around Atlanta all day for a month, and still not see everything.

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So what is everything? Probably more than you think!

The ATL may sometimes be most associated with peaches and housewives, but there is a lot more to this beautiful and exciting cultural center. From zoos, to movies, to room escape games (we will get to that later…), there is something for everyone. If your Atlanta adventures are still in the planning stages, take a look at this list of great things to do in Atlanta.


In general, Atlanta is a great family town. There is a lot of really wholesome fun to be had, and kids and adults can all have a great time. Games like putt-putt or pool are always fun for the whole family. But what is the most classic family pastime that you can think of? There is nothing more family-friendly and full of tradition than a great night out bowling!

Kids and adults love it, and it’s a sport that can be played at any time of year- not to mention in any weather. Midtown Bowl is a historic Atlanta venue that is equal parts modern, fun, and old-time nostalgia. They also hold events… so plan your next birthday party ASAP!


Yes, they have theatres in almost every city these days, but Atlanta has a way of bringing out the best and most fabulous in people- so their theatres are just a cut above. There is no way that Atlanta could only have one theatre or (gasp!) one type of venue.

From the High Museum of Art (where you can see art films, of course) to a big popcorn-filled corporate cinema, you’ll find that there is always an option that will suit your needs. French films or Jurassic World in 3D? The choice is yours.

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Georgia Aquarium

The Georgia Aquarium is arguably the greatest aquarium in the United States. It is huge and filled with many unique, beautiful and rare species of fish and underwater creatures. From whales and sharks, to starfish and Sea Lions (Yes, Sea Lions!), this aquarium is something special. You may think you have been to an aquarium before, but this one will blow you away. Marine biologists everywhere are dying to work at this unbelievable facility, and people are scrambling to check out what it has to offer.

So stop looking for what to do in Atlanta, buy an aquarium ticket, and check it out.

Fox Theatre

National Historic Registrant, The Fox Theatre, is one of the best known and most loved landmarks in the city. It is loved by both tourists, visitors and residents, and is an important piece of the city’s history and culture. The theatre also houses amazing and elaborate ballrooms where weddings, corporate events, and other large parties are often held. History, fun, film, weddings and parties? What could be better?

Centennial Park

Centennial Park (or Centennial Olympic Park) is in downtown Atlanta. It was constructed by the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games in preparation for hosting the 1995 Olympic Games. The park is now a local hot spot for family days in the sun, evening concerts, fireworks and more. It is a large park, so if you want to see it all, plan on a full day of walking around and checking everything out.


Jimmy Carter Library

If you’re like many people, you may have never even heard of a Presidential Library. However, there is one for every president and they are each a time capsule which will take you down a trip on memory lane of the president’s years in office. Important documents, records, audiovisual materials, campaign memorabilia, and gifts given to the President, are all housed within the walls of the library.

Because President Carter was born in Plains, Georgia, his center is in Atlanta. It doesn’t disappoint, either, particularly for those who love history. Carter’s library, as you would imagine, is filled with the history of presidency. Checking out this library/museum would be a great way to pass a rainy day and an opportunity to learn a bit more about our country and our history.

Botanical Gardens

The Atlanta Botanical Gardens are nothing short of amazing and a must-see for any tourist. The gardens are always open – rain or shine, though most of the gardens are outdoors. There is also a visitor center, cafe and conservatory to be enjoyed. Residents or long-term visitors should also consider signing up for a class to learn more about gardening and botany.

Piedmont Park

Piedmont Park is an historic downtown park with a great deal to offer. There are lovely green spaces, as well as walking and biking trails, fountains and more. The park also hosts many events and it is home to work out classes, pumpkin patches, and more – all depending on the season! Dress your dog up as a ghost or break a sweat in the grass… it is all happening at Piedmont Park!

Paranoia Quest Escape the room Atlanta

Zoo Atlanta

Zoo Atlanta is a huge and beautiful zoo with more exhibits than you can imagine. From parakeets to gorillas – they have it all! The employees there work tirelessly to save these animals – many of whom are injured or endangered and would not survive outside of the zoo. The zoo is involved with numerous conservancy agencies and works with rescuers to rehabilitate and save animals that are in desperate need of help.

Room Escape

Looking to escape Atlanta? Bet you didn’t think you’d be locked in Atlanta! Relax, it’s only for an hour or so.

Room Escape Adventures

This is the newest form of entertainment that will immerse you and your friends or family like no other activity. If this sounds intriguing, you may want to try one of Atlanta’s real-life room escape game. You may be wondering what that is. At the beginning of the article, we agreed to get back to this…

In short, the game is a physical adventure which requires problem-solving and teamwork. Participants are locked in a room and must solve puzzles, find clues and more in order to find the key to escape the room. They are actually based on escape the room video games and, of course, have taken them a few steps further. The real life games take what used to be a simple critical thinking task on your TV screen and put you in what feels like an authentic situation. One escape room destination, Paranoia Quest – Escape the Room, offers subplots like zombies attacking and you have to create a cure before it’s too late. Additionally, they offer a non-scary, but challenging, murder mystery plot room where you have to be a detective trying to solve a mystery. One trip there will be an experience you will never forget.

Room Escape Adventurs Atlanta

Why are they so cool? Well, for one, the games are innovative, entertaining and fun for all ages. In addition, they can be enjoyed no matter the season or the weather (and that does change regularly in Atlanta). Challenging yourself to work together with family or friends is not just entertaining, but a bonding experience that you will not soon forget.

Whether it’s using your critical thinking skills to escape the room, or strolling through beautiful gardens of roses and tulips, there is seriously something that will get everyone excited in Atlanta. This is the perfect town for the whole family and your kids will have just as much fun as you do. Keep in mind that they may never want to go home! We recommend trying the newest trend in family entertainment, room escape games.

12 Discussion Questions for Your Team Building Event

Once you have attended a team building Escape the Room event at Paranoia Quest, you will have gone through the different puzzles, found clues, and used tools which allowed everyone the opportunity to work together. It is an impactful activity that requires everyone to be on their toes. In order to get the most out of the event, it is helpful to discuss it afterwards. Here we have created 12 questions to guide your team through a post-event discussion.

1 Did you work closely with anyone to help in solving the puzzles? Did you feel good about working with this person or group?

2 Explain a time during the Quest where you felt everyone was working together. Did you ever feel as though the team was struggling? Identify the causes of these two situations.

3 What was your role within the team? What did you do to support the group?

4 How would the outcome of the event change if there were different rules? Imagine that nobody was allowed to talk. How would that alter the final result?

5 What was done effectively and what was tried that didn’t work well? Is there anything that you would change?

6 What skills and knowledge you had to use in order to get out of the room?

7 Do you think that time management skills played an important part in the completion of the Quest? Did you have someone keeping track of the time? Was the team pressured at all by the constraints?

8 If you and your team came back to complete another Quest with Paranoia Quest – Escape the room, is there something that you would do differently? What do you believe would be the benefits of doing things this way? Is there anything that you would do entirely the same? Why?

9 Think about your job duties. What tasks did you do in the Escape the Room event that is relatable to what you do at work? Some examples include working together as a team, managing time, communicating, and using your own strengths to benefit the team.

10 What would you consider to be the most enjoyable part of the entire event?

11 Is there any part of the Quest that you did not particularly care for? What was it? How would you change it to make the event better?

12 Overall, do you believe that this team building event was successful? Do you feel as though the goal set was achieved?

The most important part of any team building activity is that the group learns how to strengthen as a whole. Regardless if it is something as unique as attending an Escape the Room event at Paranoia Quest, or if it is something more basic done at the workplace, it is essential that the activity that took place is discussed to make certain everyone is on the same wavelength. This ensures that the group gets the most out of their experience.


Every city has its unique restaurants, tourist attractions, landmarks, and fun and games. But what experiences can you have in Atlanta that would be largely unique to the metro area? To get those answers, we reached out to some of our readers. Here’s the top 8 unique Atlanta experiences.

1. Take a spa day at Jeju Sauna & House of Well-Being

002To get an authentic taste of a Korean spa, you need to go no farther than Duluth. Customers can relax in a jade-lined detox room, take a dip in a cold pool after a vigorous workout, relax in a infrared light room, and get foot massages, body massages or even acupuncture. At the end of the day, stop by the food court for a bowl of Ramen noodles or beef ribs. So unique, the 35k SF facility was even featured on Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre America, where he called it a great place to “get a good scrub and a bowl of hot, fermented vegetable soup.”

2. Catch a flick at the Starlight Drive-in

003The only drive-in theater left in Atlanta, Starlight also got a massive digital upgrade a few years ago, making the viewing experience all the better—from the comfort of your own car.

3. Trick your taste buds at Three Sheets

004-1Rewire your palate with a small berry called the Miracle Fruit at this popular Sandy Springs eatery. The first Wednesday of every month, Three Sheets hosts a Flavor Tripping event where guests coat their tongues with the juice of the berry, and then go on to savor foods whose traditional flavors get topsy-turvy. Raw lemons become lemonade. Cheese becomes cheesecake. Guinness and lemon sorbet becomes a chocolate milkshake. But you gotta buy your tickets ahead.

4. See tennis pros in action under the Atlanta skyline.

005The BB&T Open has quickly grown to become one of the most popular professional tennis venues in the Southeast. And where else can you see court stars like John Isner, Jack Sock and Vasek Pospisil with the Atlantic Station towers looming overhead?

5. Lead a gospel choir singing Let’s Go Crazy by Prince

006Sister Louisa’s Church of the Living Room & Ping Pong Emporium is a take on old school gospel churches and ironically is just a block away from the historic Ebenezer Baptist Church. Wear choir robes while performing church organ karaoke. Show off your slick wrists during the bar’s weekly ping pong tourneys. Or just grab a drink and then confess your sins in its confessional booth.

6. Spend an afternoon strolling The Beltline

007Every city has some unique public space that it calls its own. New York has Central Park. Beverly Hills has Rodeo Drive. London has Piccadilly Circus. But for years, the nearest Atlanta could claim to a unique feature was Stone Mountain or maybe Piedmont Park. The massive transformation of Midtown has changed all that thanks to the rapid development of the Beltline walking trail. And today, you can not only walk the urban pathway, but dine and shop at Ponce City Market and other destinations along its route.

7. Survive an hour in a zombie apocalypse

008Housed inside the Kessler CityLofts building near Underground Atlanta is a facility where you can actually try to survive a zombie apocalypse. Called Paranoia Quest, the gaming facility’s Dmitry Mikhaylov tells us it’s a parallel world where players can compete in different scenarios—breaking into a secured lab to cure a zombie contagion, breaking into a secured government facility to divulge its secrets, solve a murder in Agatha Christie fashion, or surviving a full-on zombie assault, complete with a cast of live-action zombies craving your brains.

8. Live your teen speed freak fantasy

009-1Get a taste of what it’s like to break typical speed limit laws while driving a Porsche 911 at the luxury automakers US HQ. Aside from having both off-road and road tracks to test drive actual Porsche vehicles at its experience center, the company also offers guests a chance to drive in its VR track, where speeds simulate racing at more than 100mph.

What is Escape Game?

Welcome to Paranoia Quest Escape the room games.
First let me explain what an escape game is.

You have probably seen virtual escape games before,
and you know how addictive they are.

We at Paranoia Quest have created something even better

– Live Room escape games

In just a few short years Room Escaping phenomenon

has taken the world by storm.

Attracting those who are seeking a new level of fun

and intellectual challenge.

Escape room Atlanta

At the Paranoia Quest

You and a group of your teammates locked in a room.

Or better to say scenario of multiple rooms.

Which consist of labyrinth of clues and puzzles

aimed to bring out your inner detective.

In a heart-pounding race against the clock,

you and your team must work together to crack codes,

find clues and solve puzzles in pursuit of the ultimate goal

of escaping the room within set time limit.

In order to succeed You and your group

will have to use all available elements in the room,

your imaginations, leadership and team work skills.

Paranoia Quest provides you with a world class adventure

Promising the most immersive and challenging experience

by taking the escape game attraction to a whole new level.

Be ready Most do not succeed,

bringing you’re A game is a must.


For a business,

bring your team closer together,

challenge them in a way they have never been challenged before.

For a family,

strengthen your communication skills

and the way you work as a group.

Out on a date?

Learn more about the other person and who knows,
you may walk out to your happily ever after.
We at Paranoia Quest host the most fun, challenging,

engaging and enticing escape rooms you will ever experience

Thank you for visiting Paranoia Quest Escape games,

Ready to book escape game?

Five reasons to celebrate your birthday at Paranoia Quest

Popular Atlanta attraction makes celebrating birthdays fun and memorable

ATLANTA — Paranoia Quest: Escape the Room has quickly become a favorite for tourists and businesses looking for a fun team-building activity. But, the Downtown Atlanta attraction is perfect for anyone looking for a unique way to celebrate his or her birthday.

Paranoia Quest offers three quests, each designed to challenge participants’ thinking skills. Solving a scenario requires a mix of critical thinking, logic and raw wit.

For those seeking something even more thrilling, Paranoia Quest offer unique “scary” quest called Escape the room with a Zombie. As a part of this scenario, guests work as a team in order to escape and also protect themselves from the “live” zombies.

As part of a quest, groups of two to 12 people step into a room with movie-quality props, bringing to life a detailed scenario. A game master provides guests with a set of clues, and participants have an hour to work together to solve the mission, if they are to escape from the room.

Birthday parties for adults are growing in popularity. But rather than staying at home for a night of arts and crafts or hitting the local bowling alley, here are five reasons to celebrate your next birthday at Paranoia Quest:

1. A free ticket

No one should have to pay for a ticket on his or her birthday. That’s why Paranoia Quest will give a free ticket to anyone celebrating his or her birthday, if they bring four friends along for the experience.

2. Bonding with friends

Celebrating a birthday is all about spending time with close friends. Given that guests have to work together to solve the scenario and escape the room, it’s no surprise Paranoia Quest has been an immediate hit with college students, corporations and families.

3. A lasting memory

Most guests who go to Paranoia Quest rave about their experience, said Dmitry Mikhaylov, owner of Paranoia Quest. To ensure guests who celebrate birthday with us remember their escape game, at the end of the game we make a video for guests to share with friends and on social media.

4. It’s a one-of-a-kind

Atlanta is home to world-class attractions such as CNN Center and the World of Coke, but for those looking for a more unique and immersive experience, Paranoia Quest is the place for them. In order to successfully complete their mission, guests must step fully into their scenario; this level of immersion isn’t found anywhere else in the city. That’s why Bisnow in February named Paranoia Quest: Escape the room one of eight “awesome experiences unique to Atlanta.”

5. Free gift

No birthday is complete without a gift. To help ensure the day is festive, Paranoia Quest gives the person celebrating a unique puzzle in a nicely wrapped box. That way, the person celebrating the big day can take home a bit of the experience.

For more information, visit