Taming the Zombie Apocalypse in Your Boardroom

Come to Grips by Escaping a Zombie Apocalypse

Work can get the best of us sometimes. When under new leadership or in the midst of a massive project, tension can build in the workplace. While this may be no one’s fault, it’s not to be ignored. The winter blues mixed workplace woes can get everyone a little stressed out—a bit zombie-like. By taking a trip down to an escape room in Atlanta, you can tame a zombie apocalypse while strengthening your team. Read more

Beating Cabin Fever with a Mystery Escape Room Near Me

Escape Your Confined Home to a Mystery Escape Room Near Me

The holiday season is always such a joy, but it can get the best of us. With extended family visiting from out of town and all the kids home from school, there’s only so much of the house we can take. Even after the break ends, the lingering effects of cabin fever begin to take their toll. If you’re just itching to get out of the house for a bit, ask yourself: “Is there a mystery escape room near me?” The answer is yes! Read more

Planning Your 2018 Fun Corporate Event In Gainesville

With 2017 in our rearview mirror and 2018 just coming into view, it’s time to start thinking about a fun corporate in Gainesville. Your holiday parties were a big success and everyone enjoyed what time they had off, but it is time to start planning the next big thing. The days in January and February can seem to stretch on forever, with no real holidays besides Valentine’s Day to break up the grind. By mid-January, it will be time to shake the dust off your employees, and a fun corporate event in Gainesville at Paranoia Quest will be just the thing to do it! Read more

Surviving the Holidays with an Escape Room Near Me

For a lot of people, the holiday season is one of the most exciting times of year. People of all backgrounds simply fall in love with the season and its activities. Presents, parties, family, friends, lights, Santa… what’s not to love about all that? As many people as there are who go Christmas crazy, there is another group that simply don’t care for the holidays; let’s call them Scrooges, after the lead character in The Christmas Carol. These folks have come to loathe the season, finding cookies, holiday songs and caroling as obnoxious as mosquitoes in July. If you are a Scrooge, there is no shame in that, but listen; Paranoia Quest’s escape room games can be a perfect respite. If you’ve ever asked, “Is there and escape room near me?” and you fall into the Scrooges group, the simple answer is yes, yes there is. Read more

Things to Do in Lawrenceville While Escaping the Holiday Crowds

As Christmas 2017 quickly approaches (less than two weeks to go!), the holiday crowds are growing exponentially. Going to the malls has become like running the gauntlet at the beginning of Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Arc, though with fewer darts and rolling death balls and more with people stuffed into each last square inch of available space, and with this season’s hot toy being the golden idol at the back of the cave. Who wants to deal with all that (besides Indiana Jones, of course)? If you are looking for fun things to do in Lawrenceville while avoiding the holiday crowds, Paranoia Quest is your answer. Read more

Hosting a December Birthday Party Everyone Will Want To Attend

Having a December birthday can be the pits. With all the holiday parties, end of year celebrations and three of the biggest holidays of the year – Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year’s Eve – getting people to celebrate your birthday separately can be a real struggle. And only those born in December know the horrors of receiving presents that count as both holiday and birthday presents, while the rest of us have two yearly spins of gift-getting goodness. So if you want to make your December birthday stand out from the rest of the holiday hubbub, a birthday party at Paranoia Quest is the perfect way to set yourself apart. Read more