What is Escape Game?

Paranoia Its Real Quest

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Welcome to Paranoia Quest Escape the room games.
First let me explain what an escape game is.

You have probably seen virtual escape games before,
and you know how addictive they are.

We at Paranoia Quest have created something even better

– Live Room escape games

In just a few short years Room Escaping phenomenon

has taken the world by storm.

Attracting those who are seeking a new level of fun

and intellectual challenge.

Escape room Atlanta

At the Paranoia Quest

You and a group of your teammates locked in a room.

Or better to say scenario of multiple rooms.

Which consist of labyrinth of clues and puzzles

aimed to bring out your inner detective.

In a heart-pounding race against the clock,

you and your team must work together to crack codes,

find clues and solve puzzles in pursuit of the ultimate goal

of escaping the room within set time limit.

In order to succeed You and your group

will have to use all available elements in the room,

your imaginations, leadership and team work skills.

Paranoia Quest provides you with a world class adventure

Promising the most immersive and challenging experience

by taking the escape game attraction to a whole new level.

Be ready Most do not succeed,

bringing you’re A game is a must.

For a business,

bring your team closer together,

challenge them in a way they have never been challenged before.

For a family,

strengthen your communication skills

and the way you work as a group.

Out on a date?

Learn more about the other person and who knows,
you may walk out to your happily ever after.
We at Paranoia Quest host the most fun, challenging,

engaging and enticing escape rooms you will ever experience

Thank you for visiting Paranoia Quest Escape games,

Ready to book escape game?

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