Discover the Best Outdoor Dining Spots in Atlanta: A Guide for Food Enthusiasts

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Do you often crave a bespoke dining experience after an escape room adventure at Paranoia Quest with your friends or loved ones in Atlanta? Of course, nothing beats the vibe of an intimate dinner out with your group of people. It serves as the best time to make some fun memories and have healthy conversations.

The fun part about outdoor dining in Atlanta is that you don’t even have to lift a finger to cook or clean afterward. 

We have compiled a list of fine places to have a great private dining experience in Atlanta near Paranoia Quest Escape the Room for you so that you don’t have to spend much time googling the perfect spot. 

Scroll down to go through our list of the best outdoor dining places in Atlanta.

Spoiler alert! The last one on the list is the nearest dining space to Paranoia Quest

1. Hudson Grille – Best Private Dining Sports Bar in Atlanta 

Hudson Grille is one of the most exciting private dining spaces in Atlanta. If you just broke a leg in an escape adventure room at Paranoia Quest and can’t wait to savor yourself with the mouth-watering American dishes, it only takes 11 minutes to reach Hudson Grille.

Located at 120 Marietta St, Atlanta, GA 30303, the Hudson Grille has everything you could have asked for. Burgers, steaks, fresh wings, drinks, cocktails, and you name it. 

But, let the word sports bar not fool you into thinking that you’ll get the typical bar food here. If you are health conscious, they still got you covered. You’ll find multiple healthy, local, and gluten-free options.

Whether you are with a closed circle of friends and family or need Hudson Grille’s services for a larger party or corporate event, they can cater both.

You can even avail of their off-premise services.

Hudson Grille is a perfect place to treat your sporty soul with some game-day classics. Some more perks for their visitors include special offers, opportunities to attend sports events, VIP membership, and gift cards. 

Here’s what a happy visitor commented about Hudson Grille’s area dining experience on a third-party review site.

“We were in town for a family weekend vacation and needed a place to watch football! This was it! TVs everywhere! Atmosphere was great! Place was clean! Wings were awesome! We enjoyed ourselves immensely! I wished I would have tried a Mac n cheese bowl but my son got one and he loved it.”

So, the next time you need the best outdoor dining place in Atlanta after your Paranoia Quest’s escape room visit, head towards Hudson Grille. You’ll have a great atmosphere in which to enjoy yourselves, for sure. 

2. Ted’s Montana Grill – Offering the Most Authentic American Cuisines

Offering the Most Authentic American Cuisines Private Dining Atlanta

Congratulations on successfully completing your escape room adventure! 

Now it’s time to celebrate your success. Why not treat yourselves to the relish and the most authentic American cuisines at Ted’s Montana Grill? The restaurant is only a 12-minute walking distance away from Paranoia Quest at 133 Luckie Street, Atlanta, 30303.

The idea of co-founders of Ted’s Montana Grill, Ted Turner and George W. McKerrow, was to start a restaurant where people can enjoy the true American greatness through classic dishes.

No doubt, the idea of the founders was worth portraying into reality. And, they have been preserving the originality of American cuisines since their beginning. Besides being faithful to the American flavors, Ted’s Montana Grill has also kept their approach environmentally friendly. 

They have got a huge variety of starters, salads, bison, burgers, seafood, steaks, home-made desserts, drinks, and gluten-free food options. 

Only a look at their appetizing menu will tingle your taste buds. 

If you have kids along, consider something from their kids’ menu for your little ones.

Ted’s Montana Grill is also a wonderful place for your private luncheons, corporate events, and holiday or graduation parties

You can also gift your friends or family an authentic American meal that they’ll never forget with the special gift cards. 

3. Thrive Restaurant + Bar – Award-Winning Dishes and Cocktails

Thrive Restaurant + Bar – Award-Winning Dishes and Cocktails

After the escape room playtime at Paranoia Quest, your group might want to have a debriefing session to talk about how the puzzle was and the challenges while having some meals. 

Discussing the details after an adventure can double up the joy of accomplishment and give a chance for better networking and team-building

For this purpose, you can head to Thrive restaurant and bar in barely 8 minutes where award-winning dishes and cocktails await you. The location of the place is 101 Marietta Street, Atlanta, 30303. 

Thrive Restaurant + Bar has been offering great taste since 2007. Owned and operated by TD Restaurants Management Group, Thrive Restaurant + Bar is still famous among locals for offering a Modern American dining experience with an Asian flare. 

The key characteristic behind the award-winning menu is the “all-natural” ingredients.

Thrive has three defined spaces for its visitors; bar, lounge, and dining rooms. In the menu, you get a variety of options from around the world including, sushi, steak, sandwiches, salads, soups, and a great list of wine, beer, and sake.

Thrive has made its place twice in the magazines. 

Once in the annual list of Jezebel Magazine’s Top 100 Atlanta Restaurants. And once in Dining Out Magazine’s 50 Things We Love About Atlanta.

Moreover, it also secured first place as the best restaurant at The 2013 Atlanta Chef’s Expo.

Aren’t these recognitions enough for you to book your upcoming special event’s dinner at Thrive?

4. Glenn’s Kitchen – American Dishes with Southern Twist 

Glenn’s Kitchen – American Dishes with Southern Twist

Glenn’s Kitchen is a magnificent place for a fine dining experience in Atlanta, GA after a hectic, intense, and mentally exhausting escape room day. 

At a 10-minute walking distance from Paranoia Quest, Glenn’s Kitchen is at 110 Marietta St, Atlanta, GA 30303. With a vast premises of 2000 sq feet for private events of all kinds. You’ll get to taste American comfort food with a southern twist. 

The menu contains appetizers, like, Deviled Eggs served with sweet and spicy sauce. 

The Entrée menu contains shrimp and Grits, Tender Braised Short Rib Sandwich, and Roasted chicken with whipped Yukon gold potatoes, grilled asparagus, and garlic herb jus. 

After your meal, you can have the Decadent Chocolate cake and sip on hand-crafted cocktails and wine.

The visitors are in all praise for their lunch and dinner options. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have a quality breakfast. 

All in all, Glenn’s Kitchen is a place to have some relaxation and enjoy happy meals with your friends and family.

5. Anatolia Café and Hookah Lounge – Turk-American Fusion Food

Anatolia Café and Hookah Lounge – Turk-American Fusion Food

When you and your group mates have shared interests, be it in adventures or culinary affairs, having a blast at an escape room first and then combining it with a post-dinner party make the perfect pair. 

To enjoy this combination, you can go to Anatolia Café and Hookah Lounge once you are done completing your escape mission at Paranoia Quest. 

You can reach there within 7 minutes while enjoying an afterglow walk. To be more precise, Anatolia Café and Hookah Lounge is located at 52 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA 30303. 

Anatolia Café and Hookah Lounge started in 2009 as a family business and has now become a staple in downtown Atlanta for food lovers who would love having Turkish American fusion cuisines. 

The most amazing thing about this café is that the original family still runs it and has a close-knit team of approximately 50 people. This means that each staff member holds an important role in creating a happy environment for the clientele. 

Since it’s a family business and has promoted a neighborhood-oriented intimate culture with its visitors, they have not only maintained its clientele but has exponentially grown it. 

The menu brims with tasty appetizers, soups, salads, main entrees, sides, desserts, cocktails, pitchers, beer, wine, and flavored hookahs.


What is the meaning of private dining?

Private dining means separate space, section, or room in a restaurant where you can dine carefree with your friends and family.

What is Atlanta’s main food?

When you say, “Atlanta food,” all the southern dishes may come to one’s mind. However, the main Atlanta foods can be crispy fried chicken, barbecue, and craft beers.

What are the benefits of private dining?

The benefits of private dining are as follows:

  • You can design the occasion around your party.
  • You can opt for culinary customization.
  • You get special services from the management/staff of the restaurant.

Have a One-of-a-Kind Private Dining Experience in Atlanta Near Paranoia Quest

An escape room adventure and a pre/post-private dining experience complement each other. In fact, the duo provides a well-rounded and enjoyable outing for various age groups. 

Whether you’re celebrating your success or simply unwinding after an intense escape, the above list of fine dining Atlanta spaces offers the just-right settings. Each of these establishments offers a unique ambiance and memorable culinary experience. 

Dine out there and we hope your food experience is as fulfilling as your escape room adventure at the Paranoia Quest. 

By the way, would you like to book your escape-the-room adventure at the Paranoia Quest? After all, only then you’ll have a high chance to visit an outdoor area dining space nearby.

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