Top 10 Things to Do in Georgia For an Unforgettable Vacation


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Georgia is one of the most diverse states in the U.S., making it a perfect vacation destination with unforgettable adventures. Whether you want to explore Georgia’s stunning nature or discover the bustling city of Atlanta, anyone can find things to do in Georgia that they’ll love. To help you narrow down your choices of fun stuff to do in Georgia, we’ve compiled a list of our personal favorites. Read on below for the top ten things to do in GA, no matter what your thing is.

  1. Find Your Way Out of an Escape Room

    Escape rooms are becoming more popular every year and are a great way to spend time with friends and family. Escape rooms can be especially fun in a new city, often featuring local themes or historic timelines.

    Cities like Atlanta and Buford offer some of the most interactive and immersive escape rooms in the country, making it one of the best options for fun things to do in Georgia.

  2. Hike to Brasstown Bald

    If you love mountains and outdoor adventures, you can’t go wrong with hiking the Brasstown Bald trail. This rewarding hike reaches the highest peak in Georgia at almost 5,000 feet above sea level.

    If you’re a hiker, this is an absolute must among the top places to visit in Georgia. You simply can’t beat the stunning 360-degree views from the top and the gorgeous nature along the way.

  3. Explore Savannah’s Historic District

    Georgia is a state with a rich history, and no place encompasses that better than the quaint town of Savannah. Featuring a beautiful Historic District that preserves architecture from the times of the Civil War, Savannah is a must-see on the list of historic Georgia attractions.

    There are countless beautiful parks, squares, and historic mansions, all of which can be explored on foot as you immerse yourself in the state’s history.

  4. Marvel at the Rock City & Lookout Mountain

    Lookout Mountain is another stunning natural sight that’s consistently listed as one of the top attractions in Georgia. Located on the border of Tennessee, it offers a beautiful park for picnics or exploring. Rock City also has a beautiful natural rock formation, allowing you to explore the natural splendor on various trails.

    This natural area is also the place of a famous Civil War battle, so it’s a great option if you’re looking for fun activities in Georgia geared towards history buffs.

  5. Explore the Okefenokee Swamp

    Diverse nature is one of the prime attractions, so when figuring out what to do in Georgia, take full advantage of the natural beauty the state has to offer.

    The Okefenokee Swamp is a unique swampland formation covering a staggering 800 square miles. You’ll find cypress swamps, swamp grasslands, and even a series of floating islands, as well as many intriguing animal species, including thousands of alligators.

  6. Visit the Georgia Aquarium

    If you’re looking for things to do in Georgia that you won’t find anywhere else, you can’t go wrong visiting the Georgia Aquarium. It’s the largest aquarium in the Western hemisphere and the second-largest globally, and you won’t find one like it anywhere else.

    You can find all kinds of marine life such as dolphins, whale sharks, whales, otters, penguins, and countless fish species from all over the world. This is a great attraction for kids and adults alike.

  7. See the MLK Memorial

    Atlanta is the home of Martin Luther King Jr., one of the most significant historical figures in United States history. If you want to see how he lived, where he served as pastor, and learn more about the change he inspired, this might be one of the best places to visit in Georgia for you.

    You can even take a private tour of Martin Luther King Jr.’s home if you’re willing to wait in line for a private tour.

  8. Taste the Local Cuisine

    Atlanta and other cities in Georgia are famous for their amazing food, especially the unique barbeque scene that sets the trends for foodies all around the country. By simply walking around Atlanta, you’re sure to find plenty of unique places to eat authentic southern food and experience Georgia’s one-of-a-kind culture firsthand.

  9. Take in the Shri Swaminarayan Mandir Hindu Temple

    One of the more surprising things to do in Georgia that may not be on most people’s radar is the Shri Swaminarayan Mandir Hindu temple, located in the town of Lilburn.

    This temple can provide you a glimpse into Hindu culture, faith, and customs, all without having to travel across the world. You can also marvel at the unique architecture of the Hindu temple, which is a sight to behold in and of itself.

  10. World of Coca-Cola

    You might not have known that the most popular soft drink in the world, Coca-Cola, was invented in Atlanta. If you’re looking for a unique and educational experience, you can’t go wrong visiting the World of Coca-Cola.

    Atlanta’s popular museum features a variety of fascinating exhibits about Coca-Cola that show how the company has grown to what it is today.

  11. Bottom Line

    Georgia is one of the best states for an unforgettable vacation, featuring a diverse range of activities and natural attractions to keep you busy. You’ll never run out of things to do in Georgia. Visiting an escape room can be a unique and fun addition to your trip, as well as a great learning experience. At Paranoia Quest, we offer immersive escape rooms in Atlanta and Buford so you can experience escape room fun in the heart of the city.

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