Team Building in Suwanee, Finding Your Perfect Team Leader

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Are You Team Building in Suwanee?

It’s often said that people generally fall into one of two categories: leaders and followers. There is nothing wrong with either category; it is just human nature. Leaders are easy to pick out; they tend to be high-achieving, assertive individuals. Followers tend to be more on shy side and less likely to speak up. Now, take a break from reading and think about all the people in your workplace and leisure activities. There should be no problem identifying everyone you know as a member of either group. When it comes to team building in Suwanee however, there is no better way to observe who’s your perfect team leader than an escape room game from Paranoia Quest.

Who Makes The Perfect Team Leader?team building in suwanee_pq_people

Team leaders, or those who strive to become team leaders, should possess and exercise four main personality traits:

  • Honesty – This is a given. Team leaders must be honest with those they are leading, as trustworthiness is a major factor in inspiring teams to succeed.
  • Openness – A team leader must be open with his team and willing to take suggestions. No team leader every succeeded with the “my way or the highway” approach.
  • Decisiveness – Leaders must be able to make quick decisions for their project and team.
  • Conscientiousness – As in every other facet of human existence, conscientiousness and empathy are two traits that not only inspire your team, but make you a better person overall.

These qualities certainly aren’t the only ones an effective team leader will need. Forbes Magazine lays out 10 further traits required to be a good team leader. I’ll bet if you ask around, you’d get wildly different answers from person to person on what characteristics a team leader should possess. That is to be expected; different kinds of team leaders are needed for individual teams and projects. You wouldn’t send a drill sergeant to run a PTA meeting, nor would you ask a toddler to run a boot camp.

Who is Your Team Leader?team building in suwanee_pq_words

As we said before, putting people into the leaders and followers categories should be easy to do with an established group of people or family members. But what if you are new to team building in Suwanee? What if, even at an established business, you don’t see enough of your team to adequately gauge who fits where? If you want to find out, an escape room game from Paranoia Quest will show you sides of co-workers you may never have seen before. And after the game is solved, there will be no doubt in your mind as to who is a leader and who is a follower.

Paranoia Quest has the answers for Team Building in Suwanee

At Paranoia Quest we are all about helping you have the great experience no matter the occasion, be it team building in Suwanee, a friends’ game night out or a kid’s birthday party. There’s no time like the present to figure out your team dynamics, so call us at (678) 828-4410, email at or book a reservation online.

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