Team Building Challenges


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Puzzles are fun, engaging and thought-provoking. They require good strategy, especially when approaching the puzzle as a team. Puzzles can contribute to excellent team bonding workshops, and require communication, commitment, focus and, most importantly, a common goal. There are many options available for team building activities in Atlanta, one of which is Paranoia Quest, a multidimensional, fully engaging puzzle-solving game for participants of all ages and abilities.

Team Building Strategies

Team building workshops are essential not only for businesses but for every aspect of life. Whether you’re a CEO, salesperson, midwife or member of a local community group, basic team building skills can add to the successful outcome of any goal-orientated activity.

Belonging to a team enhances abilities and allows for strengths to be maximized. It encourages communication, team bonding, effective relationships and increases personal confidence.

Strategies for consideration need to involve determining a common goal, clarifying this goal and figuring out how to achieve it, committing to the team and project, working together, sourcing the strengths of the team, talking to each other and assigning appropriate roles. It’s good to remember that not everyone can be the leader, but all roles are important and valuable to the team. Nobody should feel left out.

Team Building Puzzles

Puzzles are fun, stimulating and often mind-boggling. They require analytics, logic, creativity and the ability to think outside the box. Some fun puzzles to engage in could be word scrambles, alphabet equations, sorting out acronyms using clues, or shape sorting puzzles. Large traditional jigsaw puzzles can be just as effective, and it’s great to reflect on how individual teams approached the puzzle together. This is an invaluable opportunity to look at how a team naturally functions, and how they overcome obstacles together.

If a group wants to take puzzle solving to the next level, a series of complex problem-solving activities in a high pressured, stimulating environment could be just what’s needed. Atlanta’s Paranoia Quest is a fully immersive, imaginative game for participants of all ages and abilities. Escape The Room is a one of a kind experience. Quests are riddled with complex questions and logic problems, suitable for players of all abilities.

Team bonding activities are essential for keeping a team in good spirits, well-functioning, and as productive as possible. While small-scale puzzles are fun and interesting, not to mention accessible in the workplace or home, Paranoia Quest’s Escape the Room is the ultimate in puzzle-solving, interactive team building activities. Escape The Room is a one of a kind experience, and with over 200 puzzles available, it’s bound to keep groups interested and involved at all times.

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