Short Team Building Activities


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Interactive team building activities allow participants to build on existing relationships, improve communication, develop critical thinking, as well as grow trust. Small groups, usually defined as less than 12 people, are ideal for most team-building activities, especially ones of an interactive, fast-paced, complex nature. One option for small groups is Atlanta’s very own Paranoia Quest Escape the room, a fully immersive, imaginative game for participants of all ages and abilities. Having opened in 2015, this thrilling experience game has been experienced by tens of thousands of visitors from all over America.

Small Team Building Activities

With smaller groups, games can be detailed and complicated without it becoming overwhelming or confusing. One interactive team building activity is the ‘Electric Fence’. This is where a rope is attached to two objects such as trees, to make a ‘fence’. Participants stand on one side, and one by one have to maneuver themselves over the fence without touching it until they are all on the other side. This is a good way to see how particular group dynamics work.

Creative Team Building Activities

Icebreakers and small group activities have the potential to be very creative. Icebreakers tend to be popular, short, fun games designed to introduce everyone to the group and ease them into the session. Examples of these games can include a photo scavenger hunt, collaborative drawing or play ‘Never Have I Ever’, a game designed to share funny or outrageous facts about ourselves with others.

Paranoia Quest Escape the Room is the ultimate escape gmae in Atlanta’s creative interactive team building activities. It’s suited to a minimum of 10 people and involves group effort in completing pressurized quests. The goal is to escape one of the three available rooms and requires all the elements of good teamwork. Quick thinking, problem-solving skills, and concise communication are essential in order to complete the quest. It is the perfect activity for any group to work together for one engaging and thrilling purpose. There are different themes to choose from, such as Zombie Apocalypse, Murder Mystery and Infection quest providing individual entertainment for varying ages and abilities.

Atlanta’s Paranoia Quest provides the ultimate team-focused entertainment for any small group. However you know each other, whether you’re colleagues, friends, family, classmates or taking part in a bachelor / bachelorette party, Paranoia Quest is top of the list for thrills and laughter. By collectively escaping a high pressured, thrilling room, and taking part in a number of logic based puzzles, everyone can take something away from this exhilarating experience.

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