Rekindling romance with spouses vs. zombies in Atlanta

spouses vs. zombies in Atlanta

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Upset Spouse or Zombies In Atlanta, You Decide

As a married couple, there are a lot of things you can do in Atlanta to rekindle that old spark. You can attend a show at the Fox Theatre, browse around the HIGH Museum or even take a shopping trip to Atlantic Station. For spouses, the day-to-day grind of working, living, paying bills and, for some, parenting, has a way of grinding down the magic and romance in a relationship. And while traditional ideas for rekindling romance are over the city, have you ever considered battling zombies in a war for survival? Ten years ago, most would have said no, but with zombies everywhere in our culture today, surely more than a few have considered it. Why not give it a try? Its spouses vs. zombies in Atlanta at Paranoia Quest!

Spouses vs. zombies in Atlanta – are you up to it?

Teamwork can always be a great way to bring spouses closer together, and when the stakes are this high, it is sure to inspire some passion! By seeking zombies in Atlanta  spouses vs. zombies in Atlanta at Paranoia Quest Escape the Room, you and your spouse, and perhaps another couple (games are best played with four or more participants – double date!), work together to not just survive the oncoming zombie horde, but also solve riddles and puzzles in order to obtain a secret that has the key to saving humanity. That zombie with half his face missing might not be a candidate for those who could or would be saved, but some of the fresher ones surely could! These escape games from Paranoia Quest aren’t just for building relationships, either; they can make fun birthday parties, corporate team building events or even one-of-a-kind girls’ night out parties. But for you and your spouse, working together is what got you this far in your relationship; you met, got engaged, married, possibly built a family and cemented your future plans. Who else
spouses vs. zombies in Atlanta in the world would you want helping you battle the undead? If your relationship needs a refresher, or you simply are a competitive couple and want to see who has the wits and temperament edge under pressure, its spouses vs. zombies in Atlanta at Paranoia Quest’s Zombie Hour escape game.

Book a room today!

There’s no time like right now to get the magic back in your relationship and all it would take is a little outside-the-box thinking. Your spouse probably expects date night to be another candlelit dinner or trip to the movies (yawn), so surprise them with spouses vs. zombies in Atlanta at Paranoia Quest! Call us at (678) 828-4410 or book a reservation online to make a date night to remember with Zombie Hour and Paranoia Quest!

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