Quest Room Games in Atlanta


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Escape the Room Games in Atlanta

If you’ve come to Atlanta, don’t miss an opportunity to visit one of the quest rooms! Each room has a unique scenario where you’ll have to escape the room working with your fellow prisoners-of –the-room using only your wits.

It’s huge fun! From detective themed riddles to the apocalyptic survival scenario, try your best to outsmart the room and save your lives! Come with coworkers, friends or complete strangers – you will surely have an unforgettable experience.

Quests consist of riddles that are not your average crossword puzzles, but they’re not the academic level as well. You will be given tools and clues to guide you to your freedom. Pay close attention to details and employ your cool logic, and you just might be able to save the day!

Once in the room, if a haunting, chilling voice startles you, don’t worry too much because that would be the Game Master helping you by providing the necessary clue if you happen to get stuck. He monitors the progress your group is making and offers valuable hints should you need his help; simply signal for help and your Game Master will gladly help (though probably in form of another riddle).

Get Out Room Games

In order to escape one of the most popular quest rooms in Atlanta’s very own Paranoia Quests you will have to travel into a parallel universe! You’ve been chosen to enter a dreamscape of one of the government’s secret agents; you were the only one able to comprehend the machine’s complexity. Now, you have one hour to solve the Murder Mystery – who killed the agent and all other agents before him! Should you fail – you will be stuck in the dreamscape for all eternity…

In another scenario you are faced with devastation after a Zombie Apocalypse and you have to find the cure for all mankind… all while zombies are trying to break into the facility! You will have to find your way into the lab by solving various PIN codes and riddles. And once in, your real task begins as you will have to do various DNA and blood sample analyses and forward the results to the satellite to only people that can help, before the room fills out with poisonous gas!

The most popular Paranoia’s quest room Infection will have you inspecting and solving what could either be a conspiracy theory or an alien assault on humanity. Meteor RX13 crashed in a desert in New Mexico in 1997. Heat signatures and even pulse beating was detected by the EKG in the skin of the meteor and after 15 years of being hidden by the government and after 1200 personnel have mysteriously disappeared, people are now looking for some answers! They want to solve the case on their own, since there’s not much help from the government.

Whichever scenario you like the most, each will guarantee a fun and exciting experience that will trigger and possibly improve your cognitive abilities. All rooms are full of surprises, yet absolutely safe. Are you ready to embark on this unique journey and put your abilities to the test?!

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