Mixing Cosplay with Your Escape Room Atlanta Adventure

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Cosplay and How It Can Liven Up Your Escape Room Atlanta Visit

There’s usually only one time a year where we all show our true colors. We’re surrounded by pumpkins, candy and costumes of all shapes, sizes and colors. Here’s the thing: costumes can be worn other times of the year. Though the usual time does fall in October, there are ways to tap into your favorite characters – Cosplay at an Escape Room Atlanta.

Escape Room Atlanta - Thor Girl What is Cosplay? Well it’s getting decked out in your favorite costume(s) and taking on a role that is not your normal self. Whether it’s Superman, Harry Potter, your favorite TV show character or a video game character, there’s no limitation on how you can dress up. Plus, there are countless opportunities throughout the year that offer you a chance to Cosplay. However, we recommend tapping into your Cosplay character with an Escape Room Atlanta.

Cosplay Helps You Get More Out of Your Escape Room Atlanta

Escape Room Atlanta - Detective Murder Mystery

An Escape Room Atlanta is a different adventure in itself. With 4 rooms available at our Downtown location, there’s enough potential to tap into. Wanting to experience a Zombie Apocalypse? Or try to get away from a Live Zombie? Then dress up as your favorite Walking Dead character. Maybe even a soldier from Call of Duty. Do you and your friends love a great Murder Mystery? Try our detective-based Dreamscape Escape Room Atlanta for you to experience. Go for a Sherlock Holmes look. Whatever you feel channels the Escape Room, go for that same look! Cosplay is an excellent way to express yourself and do something fun and new while doing it. Paranoia Quest wants you to arrive and leave smiling (and in costume)!

Reasons Cosplay is The Best Idea for Your Escape Room Atlanta Adventure

Cosplay events and experiences always promise a great time for you, friends and family. Outside of doing something new with an Escape Room Atlanta, how does Cosplay help me have a better time? Well Cosplay offers other benefits too. What are those benefits? Let Paranoia Quest show you!

  • Confidence – A majority of cosplayers began at younger ages. They found a passion and tapped into their favorite characters ranging from superheroes to book characters. At first, shyness is a present factor. “Will my costume look good?” “Do I look silly?” Those questions fade once they meet fellow cosplayers. Everyone is taking on characters and personalities they love. That builds confidence because you take pride in your costume(s). You spend time on these looks and stories around them. Riki LeCotey, well-known Atlanta cosplayers says, “When you take the costume off, you kind of remember. Or you look at photos and it reminds you. If you keep doing it over and over again, it just stays with you. It’s like a muscle memory.” She sees the confidence come through the compliments people receive about their costume(s). It carries over into your day-today.

Escape Room Atlanta - Zombie Group

  • Community – Even if cosplaying solely for your trip to Escape Room Atlanta, you’ll find some friends along the way. Atlanta is a hub for cosplayers of all shapes, sizes and universes. Michael Nguyen, a cosplayer and costuming columnist for Trekmovie.com says “Physicians, attorneys, in Ph.D. programs — just people who enjoy expressing themselves, and what they hope the future to be.” No matter what walk of life you come from, everyone is welcome.
  • Creativity – A majority of the costumes seen at Cosplay events are handmade. That means hours and hours of intricate stitching, gluing, tapping, and sewing. Complex costumes can take months and mean brainstorming to the max. That creativity gained gives you a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Even if you haven’t felt creative before, making a costume for your Cosplay adventure to Escape Room Atlanta will change all of that.
  • Stress Reliever – Taking on your favorite character is not only a physical change, but a mental one too. You research and get to know what character you are channeling. That helps you take a break from any stress you may have. You’re able to take time and focus solely on your character and being in the moment.
  • Fun For All – Cosplay is for all ages! Whether you’re planning a family fun night at Escape Room Atlanta or with work mates, anyone can dress up and have some fun!

Comic Con and an Escape Room Atlanta

Want a Cosplay experience you’ll never forget? Stop by the Atlanta Comic Con this July AND try out one of our Escape Room Atlanta experiences!  From July 13-15, 2018 the Atlanta Comic Con will be at the Georgia World Congress Center. Embrace your nerdy passions at Atlanta’s #1 family-friendly, comic convention. “Comic books, toys, cards, games, artwork, Cosplay, apparel, guest creators, and celebrity guests–it’s all here!” With the event being hosted downtown, this is a perfect time for you and your group to stop by Escape Room Atlanta! With four different rooms available, there’s plenty of fantasy and costumes to be made for these experiences. When you’re headed to Comic Con this year, stop by and take your Cosplay fun to the next level with Paranoia Quest!

Cosplay Your Way to Escape Room Atlanta

Mixing Cosplay into your Escape Room Atlanta adventure is exactly what you and your group needs this summer! Coming together and coordinating outfits is that one extra step to making it that much more memorable. Paranoia Quest can help you and your Cosplaying team to escape the norm with Escape Room Atlanta. Contact Paranoia Quest today at 678-828-4410 for our Downtown Atlanta location. You can also book rooms through our website by clicking here. Connect with us on Facebook to stay-up-to-date on our new escape rooms and more.


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