Master Your Escape: The Ultimate Guide to Escape Clothing

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Escape Room Outfits

Entering an escape room in inappropriate escape clothing can quickly turn an exciting adventure into a discomforting ordeal. You might get distracted by tight jeans or the wrong shoes while you’re gathering clues to solve that adventurous puzzle. 

It’s not just about discomfort. The wrong outfit can actually hold you back from fully enjoying the escape room experience.

This is a common issue, but it’s easily fixable. The key is knowing what to wear. The right clothing can enhance your performance and enjoyment in an escape room. It’s about combining comfort with functionality.

In this article, we’ll crack the code for you on what to wear to escape room so that you can make an informed decision. We’ll also cover what to avoid, ensuring you’re as prepared for the physical challenges as you are for the mental ones. 

The Perfect Escape Room Dress Code for the Win

The ideal escape room dress code balances comfort, functionality, and safety. Moreover, it also ensures you can move freely and think clearly.

Remember, the right escape clothing when heading to an escape room is not about looking. It’s about being effectively prepared for the challenges ahead. Hence, a perfect escape room outfit is one that keeps you easy during your adventure.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Escape Room Attire 

Escape Room Outfits

Below are some of the key factors that you must consider while selecting the right escape room attire:

1. Mobility: Your escape clothing should allow for easy movement. You might have to crawl through a tight space or reach for a high shelf. Your attire should not restrict your mobility.

2. Comfort: Comfort is crucial in an escape room where you might be for an hour or more. Choose breathable fabrics and well-fitting clothes that won’t distract or suffocate you while you are enclosed in an escape room.

3. Functionality: Escape room outfits must have functional features, such as pockets. They can be handy for storing clues. 

4. Dress Code (If any): Some escape rooms might have specific dress codes, especially those with particular themes. Always check beforehand to ensure your outfit aligns with their requirements.

5. Temperature: Escape rooms can vary in temperature. Dress in layers to keep up with unknown temperatures so you can adjust to different environments comfortably. A lightweight t-shirt or woolen sweater can be particularly useful, considering most of the escape rooms are air-conditioned.

What to Wear to Escape Room? The Do’s.

Escape Room Outfits

Here are some detailed suggestions on what to wear. We have focused on tops, bottoms, and escape shoes to help you completely.


Choose tops that offer freedom of movement. A well-fitted t-shirt or a breathable long-sleeve top are excellent choices. Sports tops can also offer both comfort and flexibility. For cooler environments, a light, zip-up hoodie can be ideal as it’s easy to remove if you get warm.


When it comes to bottoms, flexibility is key. Wear pants or shorts that are not too tight. Athletic pants, leggings, or loose-fitting jeans are great options. Make sure they’re durable enough to withstand a bit of activity without tearing. 


Footwear is critical in escape rooms. Choose close-toed shoes with a sturdy sole for safety and comfort. Sneakers or athletic shoes are typically the best choice as they provide support for standing and moving around. 

Additional Considerations for Escape Clothing:

  • Wear something breathable and lightweight to keep you comfortable throughout the game. Materials like cotton or moisture-wicking fabrics are ideal.
  • If you wear glasses, replace them with contacts if possible. In activities that involve a lot of movement, glasses can easily slip off. 

What Not to Wear to An Escape Room? The Don’ts.

Understanding what not to wear on an Escape room mission is as important as knowing what to wear. Here’s a list of items to avoid to have a better and more comfortable experience:

1. Heels and Open-Toed Shoes:

Heels can be a hazard in an environment where balance and steady movement are the basic requirements. Open-toed shoes expose your feet to potential injuries. Instead, go for comfortable, closed-toe footwear with a good grip.

2. Short Dresses and Skirts:

These can restrict movement and might not be suitable for activities that involve climbing or crawling. Go for pants or shorts that offer freedom of movement and modesty in various positions.

3. Tighter Clothes:

Clothes that are too tight won’t allow you to move freely and solve physical challenges. They can also be uncomfortable during the extended periods typically spent in escape rooms. Choose attire that allows for a full range of motion.

4. Jewelry and Excessive Accessories:

Long necklaces, dangling earrings, and loose bracelets can easily get caught or snagged on objects in the room. Keep jewelry minimal to prevent damage and distractions.

5. Loose or Flowing Clothes:

While comfortable, overly loose clothing can also get stuck in an escape room’s intricate environment. Avoid any kind of escape clothing that might get caught or tangled.

What Personal Items Can You Bring into an Escape Room?

Now that you have a better idea of escape clothing, you must be wondering what items you can bring along. Let’s break that, too, for you.

You can bring essential personal items such as a wristwatch, which can be helpful for keeping track of time. Small, compact bags or pouches are also generally acceptable, especially for storing necessary medical items or essentials like asthma inhalers. Moreover, you can bring a water bottle and some snacks.

Choosing the escape clothing is no rocket science. The best escape room attire would enhance your escape experience rather than keep you restricted. So, if you have made up your mind on what you’ll be wearing on your next escape adventure after reading this guide, you must check amazing escape options at one of the best Atlanta escape rooms, and book your adventure.

At Paranoia Quest, we offer Atlanta’s finest and most immersive escape room experience for you and your squad. If you’d like to know more about our escape themes so that you can wear your outfits accordingly, call us at 678 828 4410. 

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