The Ultimate Guide to Surviving a Horror Escape Room


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Are you looking for a terrifying outing you won’t soon forget? Then it’s time to explore some of the grisly adventures found in a horror escape room!

Among all escape room themes, horror escape rooms are definitely some of the most popular. They seek to test your thinking in new ways, and their courageous players are frequently left weak in the knees, triggering the adrenaline-fueled fight or flight response that follows a well-timed shock.

If you’re wondering “are escape rooms scary?” or are simply looking for a new thrill, then a horror escape adventure is the activity for you. Here are a few pointers on how to make the most of your first experience!

Horror Escape Rooms: What to Expect

Everyone likes a good fright now and then, and a horror-themed escape room is a perfect place to get your fix. Like traditional escape rooms, you must concentrate on the puzzles and apply all of your problem-solving abilities — even with zombies and monsters on the prowl! However, with the added twist of fear, tension, and escape room horror, you’ll need to steel your mind to tune out the eerie noises and ignore the monster attempting to devour you.

Businesses in the escape room industry, like any other industry, must continuously evolve. As fuel for innovation, only the game designer’s creativity limits where and how to transport a group of players for an hour. Unsurprisingly, many have turned to escape game horror. Themes for horror “escape the room games range from genuinely insane, action-packed, thrilling adventures to more mind-bending, psychological terrors that you’ll feel in your gut as the game moves along.

It’s important to note that regardless of the horror escape room’s theme, you have the freedom to exit at any time. Even if the doors are “locked” behind you, escape room providers care about their customers and would never detain you without your consent.

7 Tips to Succeed at a Horror Escape Room

  1. Consider what you’re agreeing to

    Please consider your options before entering a scary “escape the room” game. You may feel braver because you’ll be with your pals and think you’ll have nerves of steel. However, remember that you’ll be in a confined, dark, and at times, claustrophobic space.

    If you suffer from any medical issues that might be exacerbated by sudden scares or claustrophobia, now is the moment to speak out. If you suffer from anxiety or are pregnant, we do not recommend participating in horror escape room games. In general, be aware of your physical and mental limits, as well as any health conditions, before agreeing to a horror escape room.

  2. Be aware that “jump scares” will occur

    There are a few simple and efficient techniques to truly scare someone. “Jump scares” (sudden frights that make you jump), flashing lights, eerie sound effects, and horrific sights are all examples of this. There’s also a good possibility your squad will be split apart at some point in your quest to escape horror. The game designers know that being in a group with your buddies can offer a sense of protection, and will intentionally split the group up to make the experience more terrifying.

  3. Don’t expect challenging puzzles

    Surviving the terrifying atmosphere is the real puzzle of a horror escape room. This is because when individuals are fearful and on the verge of panic, they have a hard time concentrating!

    You’ll notice that the illumination will be dimmer, reducing visibility significantly. This ambiance serves to make you feel uneasy. If you enjoy solving complicated puzzles and riddles, you might want to steer clear of horror escape rooms.

  4. You will adapt to the tension

    When you try anything new for the first time, it quickly loses its novelty the more you’re exposed to it. Even the most frightening escape rooms in the business use the same reasoning to hide their horrors. If you’re worried about the scares that await you, remember that once you’ve survived the first one, the others will be a stroll in the park. By the conclusion of the game, you’ll be looking forward to each new horror that appears!

  5. Build up your mental fortitude

    Today’s escape rooms are more immersive than ever before. Even if you find yourself in an extraordinarily lifelike simulation, remember that it’s still just that: a simulation! Puzzles, codes, clues, and concealed items are used in escape rooms to put your talents to the test. The terrifying aspect is merely a component of the escape room’s horror concept. No matter how horrifying something may seem, always remember that you’re completely secure and the frightening monsters hiding within the shadows are only actors.

  6. Dress down

    If you’re in a horror escape room, there’s a good chance you’ll come across a situation where you’ll need to crawl or flee. Comfortable shoes, especially with closed toes, are required. We recommend any shoes you’d wear to the gym. Wear clothing you don’t mind getting soiled with fake blood or other horrific fluids.

  7. Keep your hands to yourself

    Some people that are frightened instinctively go on the attack once startled. However, avoid throwing anything at the monsters that reach out to you or start a melee with a barrage of fists.

    Remember, they’re just like you and this is their job. If you’re afraid, that means they’re excellent at it! It’s preferable to acquiesce if an actor is attempting to divide the group.

Test Your Courage at Paranoia Quest

Are you ready to clench your teeth and brave some of the most horrific puzzles Atlanta has to offer? Then Paranoia Quest’s horror escape room is the place to be.

To escape the darkness of one of our professional escape rooms in Georgia, you’ll need to utilize sharp observation skills, problem-solving abilities, and collaboration to tackle the mysteries that shroud themselves in shadows. To test your courage, contact us today!

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