Funny Team Building Activities


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When people hear the phrase ‘team building activities’ first association is something boring, forced, they see themselves sitting in a circle or doing some tedious activities like ‘trust falls’. This can cause a lot of pressure and discomfort.

Here, in Atlanta, we do it differently; we have quest rooms, which can turn any unpleasant activities into fun, fun, and even more fun!

You will have to be focused on your tangible goals, which can only be achieved if you work as a team; your goal is to escape the room faster than the other team. You may also set the Atlanta quest room record and end up in the hall of fame, who knows?!

Cooperation is the key for success in any corporation and what is a better way to achieve that than solving puzzles together while depending on each other’s skills and talents in a joint effort to escape the room.

Sports Team Building Activities

Team spirit can be built in various ways, and one of the strongest bonds can be created through sports activities. In sports, interaction with other team players and cooperation is crucial for the overall team performance. It is the same kind of interaction and teamwork that is required to reach the peak performance in any business. That’s probably why many companies organize various corporate sport events. Any type of team activity demands maximum participation of every single contestant. Otherwise, the other team wins.

Quest rooms are much the same – apart from triggering your cognitive abilities, making use of your interests and talents, it also includes the physical aspect, like in sports. The only difference is that you are not using balls and traditional sports tracks, but specially designed rooms from which you need to get out as soon as possible and your tools are only the wits, speed, imagination and resourcefulness of each member of your team!


Team Building Exercises

There is a wide variety of team building exercises, and most of them are not fun; in fact, many people find them intimidating and boring.

However, there are some exercises with the same, if not better, effects that people can enjoy. Exercises like mazes, puzzles are great for improving relationships between coworkers. They need to operate in an entirely different environment(s), than the usual office environment.

Competition can make an introvert person, who is almost always quiet, into a powerful team leader eager to win. Various scavenger hunt exercises are great for brainstorming activities. People can learn to think and act better; they can develop problem-solution skills…

Every day more and more employers turn to various Atlanta quest rooms, where we have different scenarios with different difficulty levels. Some groups fail to escape the room; others, more coordinated, groups succeed. Despite the difficulty, your employees will experience dramatic change and improvement in cooperation and understanding of each other; not to mention great fun!

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